1. On Interviews, in honesty

    I rarely get nervous doing interviews because I usually don’t really want the job. I know that sounds a bit nuts but how often do you do an interview for the perfect job? And if it’s just about doing something as mundane as a corporate skill I’m capable of in order to earn money, why should I be overly concerned getting the job? How boring.
    Unless of course you’ve run out of money. Then you need the job. I think that’s where most of us are, in need of money; very few people are lucky enough to have the right combination of education, financial backing, circumstance and direction, to work at a job they actually enjoy.

    Now, say the interview was for a job that entailed reading, writing, playing music and a nice daily run - then I’d be nervous. I’d want that job so bad I’d be sweating buckets. I’d be sitting in that interview chair surrounded by a sweaty pond made entirely of human desperation. I’d sit up all night thinking I have to get this! I was born to do this!

    Which reminds me, last week I did an interview for a job that sounds really interesting to me (sort of a Web PM role with room for creativity and use of social media), and I discovered that I was incapable of speaking a word out loud that I’ve always pronounced perfectly in my head: “Advocacy”. I tried so hard to say it correctly that I actually ended up stuttering at high volume “A….A…AAAAAVV-A-A-A-DD…VVVocyyaaaaaoccaaacy, AAAadddvu… AAAWAWAWAW… ARRGH, um, promoters…!!!”
    Man that was embarrassing. Still, I got asked back for a second interview ;-)

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