1. Falling off a chair and adventures in time dilation, the theory of relativity and accelerated skull fragmentation.

    While standing on a chair a couple of weeks ago, I slipped and fell backwards onto a tiled floor. I was in the garage at the office and I had to stand on the chair to reach a door bolt. It’s hard to gauge the distance I fell, but I’d guess my head travelled at least ten feet before introducing itself to the floor at high velocity. 

    But the thing I can’t forget is that I experienced an amazing time dilation. As I was falling, this is exactly what I thought: ”…Shit there’s nothing I can grab on to to stop this…. I’m just going to have to fall…. Hmm… This is taking ages… So this is what it’s like to experience time slowing down… … … This is incredible…. I think I’m going to hit the floor soon… OK I need to try to relax….”


    Luckily when I landed on the tiles my tail-bone, hip, and skull took most of the hit. Wait did I say luckily? I meant painfully

    Still, an amazing experience. 

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