1. Stress is cumulative

    I’ve noticed this recently. I started the last year of work with a strong ability to shrug off certain levels of stress, but now I find even small things put me on edge. And despite my best efforts (and my successes) I’ve started to doubt myself and my abilities.

    Working in an agency certainly tests your patience on a scale I would have been totally ignorant of a year ago. From customers to management it hits you from all angles. Perhaps a week in the sun will help recharge my tolerance batteries. And hopefully my new job will bring on better times. 

    1. brilliantology said: Spot on with the agency thing. It’s partly why I’m trying to figure out if I can afford to retrain or move away from graphic/web design and into something more academic (like I would’ve done with my degree, in a perfect world). Enjoy the holiday!
    2. ryanb said: These things help reduce my stress levels: 1) Only 1 cup of caffeinated anything per day 2) Regular exercise 3) More sleep.
    3. chelito said: I hear you. I have been having mild, constant panic attacks for weeks. Just a sort of medium level of panic at all times.
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