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When Zoe Saldana tweeted on Wednesday one of Nina Simone’s most famous quotes (“Freedom is living without fear”), she didn’t know what was coming. The actress is in charge of giving life to the jazz diva in Nina, the biopic that will be released on April 2 in the US (co-starring David Oyelowo in the role of his manager Clifton Henderson). To put themselves in Simone’s shoes, Saldana had to have a prosthesis placed on her nose, as well as darken her skin to achieve a more realistic resemblance, factors that have not gone unnoticed by fans and relatives of the artist, who have charged against your choice since it was announced. In fact, the film could be seen at the Cannes festival a couple of years ago, but the pressure from the African-American community has been so strong that it seemed that the film would never see the light. That an actress has to paint herself black to fly the Black is beautiful That the singer defended so much is more than ironic when, as Simone’s daughter has defended, there were actresses much more similar to Simone (Viola Davis or Kimberly Elise) to play the role («I love Zoe Saldana and I respect her work, but there are other great actresses ready to play my mother, “he told Ebony).

It was tweeting the quote from Simone on Wednesday and Saldana (who is half Puerto Rican and half Dominican) has been involved in a wave of criticism that she must have seen coming, considering how heated the atmosphere is regarding a movie that circles closest have reported from the first minute. From Nina Simone’s official account they responded with a withering tweet: «Great story but please get Nina’s name out of your mouth. For the rest of your life “, to later publish a tweet in which they claimed to be living a real nightmare before the premiere of the biopic:” Let’s hope that people begin to understand that this is painful. It is heartbreaking, vomiting and it breaks our souls. It will pass, but for now … »

The thing did not stop there, before the wave of tweets and gifs that reacted to a ‘zasca’ of tremendous magnitude, the fans have also started their crusade against Saldana. Questlove, drummer for The Roots and member of the band that plays live on Jimmy Fallon’s show, has also taken a position against (with emoji language) and in the specialized American publications, even before the film has been released, rankings are already published with actresses who should have played Simone.

On Vulture have named seven actresses most likely to win the public’s heat: Uzo Aduba (Orange is the new black), Audra McDonald, Adepero Oduy, Viola Davis, Alfre Woodard, Cynthia Erivo or Fantasia Barrino. “The first images and the trailer for the film have only confirmed our suspicions that the awkwardness of casting Saldana would be borne by an unbelievable accent, a false nose and clearly darkened skin. It is a shame, considering that playing the biopic of Nina Simone could have been the role of the life of a large number of actresses “, they defend in the publication. Saldana, meanwhile, weathers the storm as best she can while shooting the second part of Guardians of the Galaxy. With that insurance, this fuss is not made.

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Is Zoe Saldana the most criticized woman in Hollywood? | News, Fashion