Parks & Recreation: The 10 most sympathetic characters

Parks And Recreation is one of the best television shows ever. Directed by the formidable Leslie Knope and complemented by a litany of brilliant characters, the series documents Leslie’s career in the parks department. Parks and Rec is an upbeat series, focused on lifelong friendships.

But it was the likeable characters that really took the series to the next level. The unforgettable Ron Swanson and Andy Dwyer will forever remain in the pantheon of iconic television characters. Leslie Knope helped revolutionize the role of women in comedies. And characters like Jerry and Donna demonstrated the inspiring rise from the background characters to the main cast.

10 Jerry Gergich loved his co-workers despite being the butt of their jokes

Jerry / Garry / Terry Gergich is the target of the group. His clumsy and ungainly nature has made him the star of the office, and he doesn’t help with his public flatulence and general ineptitude. However, Jerry takes it easy and continues to love his co-workers very much. It probably helps that, outside of work, you have the perfect life and the perfect wife. Jim O’Heir provides moments of great humor, making Jerry a hilarious addition to the group.

9 Donna’s mysterious second life keeps everyone in suspense

Donna Meagle is a walking, talking, diamond-wearing mystery. Here’s what we know about Donna: She’s doing very well in South America, she came ninth on Italy’s Got Talent, and she only comes out with NFL players who play in skill positions. Confident and worldly, Donna steals every scene with her overflowing self-confidence.

Enjoy a great dynamic with Tom Haverford, and “Treat yourself” day gives viewers a glimpse into his lavish lifestyle. Donna started out as a background character, but her talent was too great to be ignored.

8 Chris Traeger’s optimism manages to stay fresh

This is the best list ever written “is what Chris would probably say if he read this. His relentless positivity shouldn’t work, it should have worn viewers down and have a clearly marked expiration date. But it remained fresh and fun, and the merit It’s from the exceptional writing and expert acting of Rob Lowe. His outlook on life meant that Chris always went the extra mile for his friends, whether it was helping Andy get fit or working tirelessly during Leslie’s campaign for him. city ​​hall. It was gratifying for the fans to see Chris find happiness with Ann. If anyone deserved it, it was Chris.

7 Ann Perkins was the definition of a good friend

Ann may not be remembered as the funniest character on the series, but she is extremely important to its success. The lovable nurse often plays a supporting role in scenes, bringing out the best in comedy heavyweights, especially Leslie, Chris, and April. As Leslie’s best friend, Ann hilariously tolerates Leslie’s intensity, and their friendship is iconic. He also goes along with April on his mission to make her miserable, realizing that her evil is mostly a facade. And Chris’s perpetual optimism is heightened when he’s around Ann, making the couple even more hilarious. That’s the magic of Ann Perkins.

6 Tom Haverford is the most human character in the series

Tom Haverford might be the most human character in Parks and Recreation. On the surface, Tom’s personality is all style and no substance, worrying about looking cool and little else. Tom is unwilling to be vulnerable and only shows viewers glimpses of what he really cares about. This is something that many can relate to. Its materialism makes for great comedy and brought us iconic episodes like “The Fight.” But he begins to open up towards the end of the series, following his entrepreneurial dreams and beginning a relationship with Lucy. But don’t worry, there will always be time for those diamond watches.

5 April’s chaotic personality was infused with compassion

Like Ron Swanson, April experiences little character development. And that’s fine because it’s perfect from the first episode. Aubrey Plaza masterfully portrays a confident but chaotic teenager hell-bent on making others miserable. But her efforts focus on those who are rude to her or her friends, creating a sense of justice and making her likeable.

Her relationship with Andy Dwyer is one of the highlights of the series, as the polarity of their personalities makes for a wonderful comedy. April’s conflictual personality softens over time, humanizing her without losing anything that makes her April Ludgate.

4 Ben Wyatt is neurotic, nerdy, and lovable

The brilliance of Ben Wyatt cannot be described in words. He’s neurotic, controlling, stern, and somehow downright brilliant. His best moments stem from his geekiness, whether that’s correcting people in their pop culture references or designing the overly complex board game “Dunshire Cones.” And Ben has another side, kind, compassionate and committed to his friends. In a series that amplifies the extremes of someone’s personality, Ben Wyatt always feels completely real. And his dynamic with Chris and Leslie makes television brilliant.

3 Leslie Knope was the heart and soul of the series

Leslie’s character was a total rejection of the old-fashioned feminine cliches that were so rife on television in the old days. She is a passionate and unapologetic feminist, with the comic presence necessary to compete with anyone. In fact, Leslie was everything that female characters were said to not be: intelligent, individualistic and capable, with a very direct style. There are countless Leslie moments in the series, notably her unique relationship with Ron, who hates the government, and her great gift-giving ability. Leslie Knope was the heart and soul of the show, and she always delivered.

2 Andy Dwyer went from zero to hero

Andy experienced a phenomenal redemption of character that cemented his place alongside the best characters in Parks And Recreation. In the first season, Andy was the selfish and lazy boyfriend of the lovable Ann, who abused their relationship to basically sit around all day. But after hitting bottom (or bottom might be more appropriate), he transformed into the lovable goofball that all the fans admired. He may not have gotten smarter, but he certainly gained in sympathy. His relationship with April was a thing of chaotic beauty, and we appreciate that Andy also gave us the iconic Burt Macklin and Johnny Karate.

1 Ron Swanson knew who he was all along

While other characters developed throughout the series, Ron Swanson stood out as the self-confident, whiskey-loving libertarian, with a fully developed character that was sustained from day one. Unlike Leslie, whose character changed over the first two seasons, Ron practically never changed and built a fan base from the start. Of course, the character evolved slightly, especially in recent seasons, when he married and had his own child. Not even the great Ron Swanson could escape all of the human experiences that contribute to who we are. But he stayed true to his character and was loved for it.

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Parks & Recreation: The 10 most sympathetic characters