PRIMICIA: Paramount cancels the premiere in Spain of ‘Snake Eyes’ a week after its arrival in theaters – Movie News

The production, which has Úrsula Corberó as a villain, was one of its star premieres this summer. The company has also delayed the premiere of Clifford in the US, scheduled for September.

With barely ten days left until its arrival in theaters in Spain, Paramount has canceled the premiere of Snake Eyes: el Origen, the film from the GI Joe universe, which represented the leap of the Spanish actress Úrsula Corberó to Hollwwood and the great Paramount premiere for this summer.

The company, which confirmed to SensaCine the cancellation of the premiere, however did not explain the reasons, although an official statement has not been made.

Snake Eyes: El origenstarring Henry Golding was the third universe film based on GI toys Joe exploring the origin of the most popular of the characters, the mute ninja Snake Eyes. Directed by Robert Schwentke, it is, as its title suggests, the character’s origin story before losing the ability to speak due to a helicopter accident that terribly damaged his vocal cords.

The film, which premiered two weekends ago in the US, did not meet box office expectations for a budget production, as it came in second, after Weather de M. Night Shyamalan, with $ 13 million in tickets sold, less than expected for a production that cost more than 88 million, according to Variety.

The film was scheduled to premiere on August 13 and it seems that the cancellation has been a last minute decision since yesterday, on Paramount’s own social networks a post about its premiere was published. This, added to the multiple interviews and publicity campaign of its protagonists, Henry Golding and Úrsula Corberó, makes one think that it has been a last minute change.

Although the GI Joe story has already been brought to the big screen, Snake Eyes: El origen It came without any connection to the previous movies about the characters. In 2009 it was released G.I. Joe and in 2013 GI Joe: Revenge, but the film starring Golding it was a new beginning. A blank page that allowed a great creative journey.

Other delays and cancellations

Just this week Paramount announced the indefinite cancellation of the premiere of ‘Clifford, the big red dog‘, which was scheduled in the US for September 17. The cancellation, in that case, according to the company, was related to the advancement of the Delta variant in the US.

New wave of delays due to COVID? Paramount postpones in the US the premiere of ‘Clifford, the big red dog’, scheduled for September, by the Delta variant

Paramount, which last year saw how the pandemic led it to release major titles on platforms such as Prime Video, in the case of Tomorrow War, O Sponge Bob, on Netflix, it seemed that it was going to come back this summer after the success of A quiet place 2. That is why the cancellation of the premiere in Spanish cinemas of Snake Eyes: El Origen. Of the other premiere scheduled before the end of August, The dog patrol, set for August 27, they have not advanced if there will be news.

‘The Tomorrow War’ premieres on Prime Video

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PRIMICIA: Paramount cancels the premiere in Spain of ‘Snake Eyes’ a week after its arrival in theaters – Movie News