This is how Kaley Cuoco has become the new Reese Witherspoon

It should not be easy to achieve fame for playing a television character whose personality is so overwhelming and whose legion of fans is so immense that it ends up engulfing whoever gives it life. Jennifer Aniston is one of the few actresses who can boast of having made the world forget (a little) about her iconic character, Rachel Green, to the point of being awarded the Screen Actors Guild Award for her performance in ‘The Morning Show’, a series of which she is also an executive producer with her co-star, Reese Witherspoon, to whom the aforementioned operation is also familiar. It is impossible to think of Reese without remembering her dressed in pink and clinging to her Chihuahua in ‘A Very Legal Blonde’, but now the actress triumphs with Jennifer Aniston outside the pink pantone and has become a benchmark in the film industry by creating Hello Sunshine, a cross-platform content company dedicated to women fighting to change the female narrative.

Reese Witherspoon y Jennifer Aniston en ’The morning show’


a very legal blonde

His nose for finding stories to bring to the small screen is so well known that When Kaley Cuoco discovered in the future releases section the book on which ‘The Flight Attendant’ is based, the series that has given her a second chance, she called her team to find out if Reese had been ahead of her when buying the rights to the work. Thanks to that online crush on a book about which there was hardly any information, but only a cover with which she felt identified, Cuoco has been nominated for the first time two Golden Globes and an Emmy, something she did not achieve during the almost 300 chapters in which she played Penny in ‘Big Bang Theory’.

The actress has discovered that to play a dream character, she has to be the one who pulls the strings of her future, since it is common for the industry to pigeonhole interpreters in the same type of role. In her case, she could have spent the rest of her career playing an un-savvy blonde, but she has taken note of the accomplishments and actions of Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon and has taken it upon herself to turn her professional life around by taking the plots. reins of his career. A recognized fan of Reese, she says that she was her inspiration to create her own company, Yes, Norman, which has already acquired the rights to Doris Day’s biography ‘Doris Day: Her Own Story’ and the book ‘A Season with Mom’. She claims to have learned a lot from her first experience as a producer and believes that in the future she will dedicate herself exclusively to production.

kaley couco in the flight attendant

Kaley Cuoco en ’The Flight Attendant’

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The wonderful thing about the fact that more and more actresses turn the tables is that the industry bets more frequently on women to tell stories, thus finally making stereotypes less common and that the richness of storytelling increases thanks to the fact that the voices and feminine glances are the one that prevail.

If ‘Beach Watchers’ were released now, it is possible that Pamela Anderson would have gotten rid of the bimbo image (a term that Anglo-Saxons use to speak of someone attractive but with limited intellect) much earlier. Not only the power of the networks, but the fact that women’s magazines have left behind the habit of asking actresses little more than what three things they carry in their purse, together with the moment in which we live in which the female voice begins to stand out in Hollywoodhave contributed to the silly blonde image becoming an annoying joke from the past. In fact, the term bimbo began to be used to talk about men, but we already know how society works to change the norms and end up always oppressing women.

“I thought that no one was going to give me an opportunity like this, so I felt that I had to be the one to carry out the project I wanted and be able to demonstrate the type of work I want to do”, Kaley explained to ‘Los Angeles Times’. Jennifer Aniston has managed to escape the shadow of Rachel Green by taking the reins of her career, Reese Witherspoon has left Elle Woods behind thanks to her work as a producer and Kaley Cuoco has shown that you do not need to know quantum physics to understand that in Hollywood , If opportunities don’t come, the only way to do the projects you really want is to take care of them. We know: to do it you not only have to be smart, but of course have money, but thanks to these three wonderful and wealthy actresses, those of the future will have many more opportunities even without having millions of dollars in their checking account.

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This is how Kaley Cuoco has become the new Reese Witherspoon