Titans: Dick Grayson will hit rock bottom before becoming Nightwing

One of the most anticipated elements of the second season of Titans is the transformation of Dick Grayson into Nightwing. In the first season the character played by Brenton Thwaites left behind his identity as Robin, however, he has spent the first six chapters of the second cycle fighting crime in the open face and in his civilian clothes.

But as the photos from the set have anticipated, sooner or later Grayson will appear as Nightwing in TitansAlthough Batman’s ex-partner will have to suffer a bit more to get to that point.

In a new interview with io9, Brenton Thwaites discussed the path that Dick will travel to assume the identity of Nightwing in the series and felt that the debut of the character with that new name and outfit will occur after the first Robin bottoms out.

“Well, I think Dick becomes a point in history when he really needs it.” noted Thwaites. “He bit off more than he could chew by asking people to follow suit and what follows is that he accepts the truth of the mistakes he has made, current and past. And once he comes to a conclusion of how he really is and who he really is, the Titans are relentless. And what happens from there is a journey of self-discovery that we all know ultimately leads to Nightwing. But it happens from a point where it hits rock bottom. “

Throughout the second season of Titans, Dick managed to reestablish his relationship with Bruce Wayne, however, when it seemed that Grayson’s life would go well again and he would forge a new relationship with his mentor while leading a new formation of the Titans, the ghosts of his past came to haunt him. from the hand of Deathstroke and Doctor Light.

Thus, without entering the field of spoilers, Titans He has already anticipated that the battle against Deathstroke will not end well for everyone in Dick’s life, including the two sides made up of the new and old Titans who are increasingly annoyed with his way of handling things.

In that sense, Thwaites said that the entire framework of the second season will lead to Nightwing, so despite the fact that the debut of the character will take time, the idea is that he feels justified.

“The writers really wanted this plot to tell a story about a emotional transformation that will lead Dick to become Nightwing “, commented the actor. “I’m the same as the fans, I wanted to jump into this style last season, but I finally agreed to lengthen this story. Because when this happens, we as an audience see that it is the conclusion. There is no other option, and I think that the Titans see it too. When he transforms and becomes someone else, that’s what ties the family together. “.

The episode of Titans That will be released this week in the United States will be called “Bruce Wayne” and will focus on the tensions that arise in the Tower of the Titans as a result of Deathstroke’s attack. While from Spoiler TV they tell that the end of the second season of Titans (Episode 13) will be titled “Nightwing”.

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Titans: Dick Grayson will hit rock bottom before becoming Nightwing