Daryl Dixon’s crazy baptism of fire

When a decisive event occurs to the characters of a television series and they scatter and then try to meet again, which has happened in The Walking Dead (Frank Darabont and Angela Kang, since 2010) several times whether they want it or not, the narrative divided by episodes in their different experiences offers writers greater narrative possibilities. And the juiciest is to take advantage of the minutes of footage that are dedicated to them in their own chapters to delve into the tribulations that torment them and thus enrich their emotional arcs.

With this perspective, “Rendition” (11×04) It does exactly the same in its beginning as the previous one, “Hunted” (11×03): part of the violent clash with the Reapers at the end of “Acheron, Part II” (11×02) to focus on one of the survivors. In this case, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), whose seniority since “Tell It to the Frogs” (1×03) has made him the character who has participated in more episodes of The Walking Dead; now, with his almost inseparable Dog.

The stories that come together in ‘The Walking Dead’


His skills acquired in these dantesque years of zombie apocalypse, facing the omnipresent threat of the walking dead and of people who have not succumbed, like him, but who cannot be trusted and his great resistance have. the favorite of not a few viewers of the television fiction of the AMC. Some of us prefer the interesting evolution of Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), very close to the man with the black crossbow, but that is another matter.

Because the striking thing about “Rendition”, with which director Frederick EO Toye (Lost) after “Hunted”, is that a stage in Daryl Dixon’s past, which went a long time without explanation and that we did not know until the chapter “Find Me” (10×18), come back to surprise us as much as him; although it seemed foreseeable that it would happen sometime in this last season of The Walking Dead.

They could have saved it for the third spin-off of the franchise that is in the pipeline, after Fear the Walking Dead (Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson, since 2015) and World Beyond (Scott M. Gimple and Matthew Negrete, since 2020), but they have continued with her here.

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Daryl Dixon’s crazy baptism of fire