How to Go From Beginner to Suit God, by Will Poulter and Nick Jonas

If we quickly review the older ones 2017 style hits, it is surprising to find out how the younger generations are the ones who have redefined the codes not only from streetwear, but also from the sartorial wardrobe. Relaxed suits combined with turned-up collars, ankle boots, sneakers, sweaters and other classic elements of the men’s wardrobe, those same that the traditional codes had turned into taboo mixes, jumped to the fore to become the new rules of cool.

So, names like Timothy Chalamet, Ansel Elgort, Wound Sabbath, Harry Styles O Nick Jonas They went on to top the lists of the most elegant with the choice of their outfits. However, there are those who, despite their good intentions – which are worthy of applause after all -, continue to miss the point. See the case of Will Poulter : the actor chose a two-piece for the premiere of his latest film, ‘The Maze Runner: The Mortal Cure’, and decided to de-stress it with a T-shirt; although the result was not as good as he thought.

Do not be suspicious of the youth of these protagonists, because they can teach us about the office wardrobe more than we think. With just five tricks, you can go from beginner to suit god in no time. Watch out for the Poulter – Jonas combo.

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This is where all evil begins. Misfit shoulders (either by default or by excess) are the first mistake we tend to make. The fair measure is where the body-sleeve seam falls right at the shoulder bone. But knowing this data is not the only consideration that we must take into account at this point.

If you have a good shoulder structure, you can afford to do without shoulder pads. If not, as is the case with Poulter, you should include some. With them we will be able to give greater width to the shoulders and compensate with the belly area. Look at Nick. The effect should be that of an inverted triangle.


We have already talked about this on several occasions, control the length of the sleeves and bottoms of the pants. The sleeve should fall to the level of the wrist bone. Thus, we will allow the cuff of the shirt to protrude a couple of fingers below the jacket.

The length of the jacket

As we explained, in order not to fail, the jacket should be extended to where the buttock ends and the first button should be positioned just above the navel (unless you need to compensate proportions), if not, it will happen to you like Will: high button + short jacket = It seems to be too small for you, in addition to generating an unflattering square silhouette at the top.

On the other hand, Nick has been able to put some darts in time to fit his double-breasted suit and has allowed his jacket to lengthen (as well as the hem of his pants) to stylize his silhouette.

The pants

Once we know the correct measurement of the hem (if you have doubts, opt for the traditional one, the one that slightly rubs the shoes), make sure to keep it in place thanks to shoulder straps and side girdles. If not, it will generate pockets both in the back and in the crotch.

The shoes

If your intention is to relax the suit by combining it with a shirt, perhaps you should finish the action. Sneakers or ankle boots would have been the perfect option for Poulter, although he preferred to wear conservative shoes. Instead, Jonas followed the 2018 suit codes and, in addition to an impeccable and unusual color combination, finished off with chelsea boots as the trend dictates.

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How to Go From Beginner to Suit God, by Will Poulter and Nick Jonas