Quentin Tarantino banned Christoph Waltz from rehearsing with the cast of Inglorious Bastards

Quentin Tarantino banned Christoph Waltz from rehearsing with the cast of Inglorious Bastards

Quentin Tarantino’s cinema has something in particular despite the fact that he ventures to use completely contrasting contexts between one film and another. This particularity that stars in the director’s gaze is precisely the fact that he takes his characters out of the ordinary. If it talks about the mafia, it presents the boss’s girl suffering an overdose and then being saved by a dealer in a very comical and tense moment at the same time.

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It also has the ability to show a torture scene with the assailant dancing happily, or even save a Hollywood star like Sharon Tate from a horrific massacre by giving a spoonful of his own chocolate to the famous “family” of Charles Manson. Perhaps his most popular decontextualization is that of Inglorious Bastards (88%), in which a group of Jewish soldiers hunt down Nazi soldiers to mark and torture them, aiming to finish off Hitler.

However, it is a young Jewish cinema owner who takes care of the dictator in a way that goes beyond the theatrical. It is just this film, one of the favorites of the director’s fans, who brings one of the best villains that have been seen on the screen, and curiously it is not about Hitler, but about Hans Landa, a colonel whose task is find the Jews hiding in France and played in an exceptional way by Christoph Waltz.

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During a talk on the podcast The Moment (via Indie Wire), Tarantino remembered what it was like to work with that character, since his plans were to keep him as a surprise for the cast, especially Brad Pitt and Mélanie Laurent, who would have the most important scenes with him. According to his own words, the director asked Waltz to rehearse alone and to minimize the impact of his performance during the script reading.

I met with Christoph before I got to the big script reading with the cast. I said, ‘I’m not doing this as a wicked game … everyone is so curious who plays Hans Landa. I don’t want you to be bad at reading the script, but I want you to hold back a lot. I don’t want them to think that they are getting a glimpse of who you are really going to be. On a scale of one to 10, I know a six. Be good enough, just good enough. I don’t want you to compete with anyone, and if you are competing, lose. I don’t want them to know what you have or to control Landa. ‘

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Undoubtedly, the character of Colonel Landa differs from other villains because, although he is in full pursuit, he does so in a quite elegant way and, despite always being calm, his intention has that touch of evil, intimidation and even comedy; it exalts him despite being a short man. Among his best-made scenes is the moment when he has dessert with Shosanna Dreyfus, where he enjoys every bite while still looking threatening.

Another is the attack on Bridget von Hammersmark (Diane Kruger) when he discovers that she is a traitor, and finally his confrontation with Aldo Raine who apparently will let him go to support them in the assassination of Hitler, but without saving the mark on his forehead. . It is worth mentioning that the only actor with whom Christoph Waltz was able to rehearse was Denis Ménochet, who played the farmer who hid several Jews in the first scene of the film.

It is recognized that Tarantino has achieved an important dumbbell with the actor, and this is reflected in the fact that the two Academy Awards that he has won for Best Supporting Actor were under the command of the same director. He received his second award in 2013 for his role in Django Sin Cadenas (87%), a completely different character from the first.

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Quentin Tarantino banned Christoph Waltz from rehearsing with the cast of Inglorious Bastards