The Disney + movie is a nice heir to ‘Enchanted’ without the Amy Adams movie sparkle

It has been more than a year since Disney + was launched in the United States, a new streaming platform called to be the great competitor of Netflix. The truth is that the number of clients has not gone bad at all, but in terms of exclusive productions it has shown a shortage that may have led more than one to consider canceling their subscription when it comes to an end. Everything points to a 2021 full of great news, but so far there has been nothing especially remarkable beyond ‘Hamilton’, ‘The Mandalorian’ and the peculiar launch of ‘Mulan’.

In December it seems clear that the big premiere is ‘Soul’, the new Pixar movie that under normal conditions we would have seen in theaters, but Disney + has more exclusive releases planned and one of the most striking is ‘Amadrinados’, an original film directed by Sharon Maguire -‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’- and starring Jillian Bell e Isla Fisher. His arrival on the platform is scheduled for this Friday, December 4 and I can already tell you that it is a harmless fantasy comedy suitable for the Christmas period despite not being set during that period of the year.

Flying low

On paper, ‘Amadrinados’ could seem an heir to the remarkable ‘Enchanted’, since there it was a princess who came to our world, while here she is an aspiring fairy godmother who wants to be worthy of that title. And it is that the script of Kari Granlund y Melissa Stack proposes that in today’s world no one seems to need the help of these magical creatures anymore, so their future is in serious danger.

Of course, do not expect here the self-confidence and charm that the film starring Amy Adams it came off all four sides, since here everything seems to be betting on an innocent approach without ever trying to transcend certain conventions typical of stories with fairy godmothers. Therefore, its starting point is reminiscent of ‘Enchanted’, but then each one follows different paths, with the Disney + proposal being much more obvious in all its approaches.

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This means that ‘Amadrinados’ never aspires to anything more than being a light but above all innocent pastime. From the humor to his attempts to replicate in real image the magic achieved by other animated productions, everything is consistent and out there there are no drawbacks to the film. The thing changes before the fact that settle for flying so low at all times that sometimes it can seem like a luxury TV movie more than anything else.

Harmless pastime


And with a luxury telefilm I’m not thinking of an HBO production or something like that, although surely Maguire did have enough means to aspire to something like that. Instead, content with putting on an innocuous show that offers the bare minimum necessary to try to be nice. I understand that this may be a decision aimed at focusing on the smallest of the house, but even if there are those who enjoy it, I doubt that anyone will remember it as something memorable.

In fact, what makes ‘Amadrinados’ more bearable is its cast, from a Bell totally devoted to her character, she being the one who best knows how to convey that innocence that the film desperately seeks at all times, to a Fisher who deals with a character little stimulating but knows how to carry them out with dignity. Special mention deserves the sympathetic presence of June Squibb, who provides the greatest dose of humor, although always within the narrow margin left by such a proposal.

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Otherwise, maybe your footage is a bit excessive for what it has to count, but there is also nothing that can point out that this or that is superfluous. I am simply disappointed in the approach chosen having such a juicy precedent that I continue to explore in another way.

In short

‘Amadrinadas’ not bad but there is nothing in her that seduces you either. Its premise attracts attention but its way of developing it prevents it from being a special proposal at any time. It would almost be better if you returned to see ‘Enchanted’, but if you want to try something new and you don’t expect much from it, it is not a disposable option to see this new original Disney + movie.

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The Disney + movie is a nice heir to ‘Enchanted’ without the Amy Adams movie sparkle