The villains that fascinate Cruella

“There is something about villains that are just fascinating,” says the actor. Mark Strong in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL.

The British, is part of the cast of the film “Cruella”, which shows the origin of the 101 Dalmatian villain Cruella de Vil (Emma Stone) from his childhood to becoming a figure of fashion.

Cruella’s rival in Disney’s live action is in charge of the Baroness (Emma Thompson), whose waiter is played by Mark.

“Psychologically they are fascinating, I have enjoyed playing villains and bad guys because you have to explore feelings and emotional states that you don’t normally explore in your day to day life; You usually try to be a good person, to be good to people, kind, generous, or at least I treat it that way, so villains give you the opportunity to be very little of yourself, ”says Strong.

The actor says he joined the project because he found it interesting to see a production company like Disney focus the film on a character who ends up being really bad.

The film directed by Craig Gillespie is one of the first major premieres to hit theaters (along with the Disney + platform) more than a year after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Usually you try to be a good person, so the villains give you the opportunity to be very little of yourself”; Mark Strong, actor.

At a press conference, Stone also highlighted how different the film is.

“Craig and Tony (McNamara, screenwriter) wrote it and did it in their own way and I think it’s definitely dark for a Disney movie, maybe not that intense to be rated R but it’s darker than what I’ve seen on Disney by far. time ”, he commented.

In a new twist to the story, Mark told EL UNIVERSAL, we will see new dimensions of Cruella. His obsession with coats made from animal fur that we saw earlier won’t be around now.

“There is the Cruella from the cartoon who wears a coat made of Dalmatian hair but they (Disney) did not want to accentuate that part of the character, I think they wanted to show a very funny story of her origin, where she comes from, and by doing so you can see her. scrubbing floors in the 70s, trying to grow up without a family structure, ”says Mark.

“It helps to sympathize with this person who ends up being evil but not in the sense that he is cruel to animals but decides that it is time to turn his back on the world because it has treated him badly,” he details.

Mark Strong plays in the film the waiter of the Baroness, Cruella’s rival.

Rooms reactivate

Mark Strong is hopeful that the new adaptation will help revive theaters.

“I hope it is successful because it seems that people are enjoying it, those who saw it previously had fun with it so it would be amazing if it was one of the films that brings people back.”

“We got used to streaming movies a lot in the last year and I hope people don’t assume that this is how we will watch movies now because it is very different to watch something on your cell phone, computer, television or on a big screen, there is no comparison” .

Cruella arrives this May 28 in cinemas in simultaneous premiere by Disney+ with an additional cost for subscribers.


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The villains that fascinate Cruella