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United States: The Movie

George Washington, armed with chainsaws, and fellow brewer Sam Adams try to wipe out the British in United States: The Movie, a sarcastic take on the War of Independence. Neither facts nor milk. Channing Tatum voices a George Washington taking up arms in this wild animated comedy. Directed by Matt Thompson, and written by Dave Callaham, complete the cast of voices Jason Mantzoukas, Olivia Munn, Andy Samberg, Bobby Moynihan, Judy Greer, Will Forte, Raoul Trujillo, Killer Mike and Simon Pegg. The film opens in Spain in Netflix June 30, 2021.

A historical and history madness

In this insanely animated, revisionist version of the story, a chainsaw-wielding George Washington assembles a group of agitators – including fellow brewer Sam Adams, famed scientist Thomas Edison, peerless horseman Paul Revere, and a very pissed-off Jerome – to defeat Benedict Arnold and King James during the American War of Independence. Who will win? Who knows! The only thing that is clear is that these Founding Fathers are not the ones from the textbooks.

Seeing a film that humorously takes on such an important historical event in the United States can be difficult for those of us who do not know in detail the names of all those involved in the War of Independence that took place there, but it is not necessary to know too much to get carried away by this crazy movie that reviews history from a current perspective and full of recent references.

This crazy recreation is scripted by Dave Callaham, responsible of Wonder Woman 1984 and Mortal Kombat, and gets carried away with taking various historical facts and completely distorting them by telling the never-happened story of America. The idea of ​​the film is to laugh at everything and everyone, because nothing that they show us can be taken seriously, or that is what I hope they will look for with this animated film.

Fictional and untrue story

I am not going to deny that it was difficult for me to enter the film, because I did not know where many characters came from and I wanted to try to connect the dots with the events that I know in the United States, but once I got carried away assuming that the reality of the facts told, As well as the schedule of the same, it is not respected at all, I entered this spiral of violence, sex and madness that at least is surprising, but the surprise does not last long.

George Washington was president before Abraham Lincoln was born, so in reality they never met, but they are two great friends from childhood in the film, and the traitor Benedic Arnold is the one who assassinates the president during a concert. With that basis, we realize that it is not necessary to know the history of the United States, and surely they have, since many of those born there will not know those details either.

The Washington gang that will fight for freedom in United States: The Movie It is made up of a wide variety of colorful characters, and the most curious thing is that not only do they all have very different personalities than we imagine, but there is space for everything, from werewolves, Transformers, Titanic, holograms, … there are even hollow for Martin Luther King, Marilyn Monroe and JFK, without leaving aside the large number of familiar characters from the most current cinema such as John Wick, Robocop and even Star Wars.

The film is aimed at current audiences who do not need to know the history of a country to try to enjoy an animated comedy full of black humor and violence, but a lot of eccentricity and a lot of reference does not make it an entertaining film, and it is that United States: The Movie you have a bigger problem than taking a long time to get into your game.

Once we get used to seeing the way history is rewritten, there is little reason to keep watching it to the end. When you try to put jokes in each scene, it ends up saturating the viewer and loses its grace. Having so many ingredients to entertain, it ends up being a boring movie, in which many things happen per minute but none so funny as to compensate for its viewing.

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United States: The Movie

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United States: The movie | Review: A Boring Historical Madness