Unmissable LGBT + premieres in September 2021

We share with you the premieres of LGBT + movies, shorts and series that you can enjoy in September 2021.

In the blink of an eye we reached September, so we share a list with the Premieres of LGBT + movies, series and shorts that you cannot miss in 2021. How to offer services streaming is extensive, the contents that you will see below are not only part of the catalog of Netflix. Remember that you can also look for the alternatives in free services O trusted pages (you know what we mean).

Queer Command (Q-Force) is among the series and LGBT + premieres of September 2021

Netflix welcomes September 2021 with Queer command, animated series created by Michael Schur and Sean Hayes. Although its trailer left some doubts among viewers, part of the LGBT + public is curious about the treatment that will be given to issues such as discrimination in the workplace. If you are part of this audience, we remind you that you will be able to see Queer command from September 2.

Sex Education

Fortunately, on September 17th comes one of the most anticipated LGBT + premieres of 2021: the third season of Sex Education. If you are just going to start this production of the scriptwriter Laurie Nunn, we recommend that you skip this section.

In case you are aware, we have a brief summary of what we can expect from the new season. Of course to death the link between Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey).

However, our biggest doubt centers on the character played by our beloved Gillian Anderson. Does the Dra. Jean F. Milburn Will you go through the raising of a small son —or daughter— again? Stay tuned. In the meantime, you can entertain yourself by doing this test to know which character of Sex Education would be your ideal partner.

The Money Heist

We get it! Properly, The Money Heist It is not a series classified as LGBT +. However, in season 4 we had a couple of nods to the representation of sexual diversity. We met Manila, the first trans character in this series created by Alex Pina. We also had some good gay kisses.

So these situations and our hope that history will give us some other LGBT + moments are reason enough to include The Money Heist at our LGBT + premieres in September 2021. If you are a fan of this Netflix hit, you probably know that the finale will be presented in 2 parts. The first opens on September 3.

Lady Bird

We love a lot Greta Gerwig and Saoirse Ronan and the construction of the character of Danny (Lucas Hedges) is one of the reasons why Lady Bird is on our list of LGBT + premieres for September 2021. Plus, it’s always a good time to listen to the Haim.

Visible: stories of trans teens

One of the shorts and premieres that you cannot lose sight of in September 2021 is Visible: stories of trans teens. In this collaborative work by the director Juan Carlos R. Larrondo and the producer Juan Carlos Mendoza Pérez, you will be able to get closer to the life of Sofía and Teicuh, who in 18 minutes will take us through a narrative that denounces the situations of discrimination faced by young trans people. daily. And now it is not for cumming, but if you are interested in seeing this short you must hurry. FilminLatino will only have it available until September 12.

Short program: exploration and recognition

As part of the festival Cinema Queer Mexico, another of the LGBT + premieres of September 2021 is the Short Program: Exploration and Recognitions. In this cycle, 4 Swedish shorts are shown: I want to see Gellivare burn (André Vaara), The flowers of Benjamin (Malin Erixon), My world is Yours (Jenifer Malmqvist) and Like Pinocchio without a nose (Irene Lopez). In each one you will be able to enjoy the construction and defense of the identity of diverse childhoods and adolescents. Again: we don’t push you, but these shorts also have deadline. You will be able to see them until September 4.

Las flores de Benjamín is one of the shorts that you can see at Cinema Queer México. / Image: Facebook (Cinema Queer)


If you spend your weekends on the couch deciding which MUBI movie to watch, we remind you that Benedetta premieres on September 8, 2021. Due to its theme and evident controversy, this film was one of the ones that took the most headlines in the Cannes film festival of this year.

Through the director’s work Paul Verhoeven (Low instincts and She) we will be able to witness the lesbian romance of a seventeenth century lesbian nun. The movie is inspired by a true story. As a reference, take the historian’s book Judith C. Brown called Shameful affections: Sister Benedetta, between a saint and a lesbian (1989).

Benedetta is one of the films and premieres of September 2021. / Photo: SBS Productions

Magnificent obsessions: Pedro Almodóvar’s films

As you well know, the filmmaker Pedro Almodovar was within the premieres of 2021 with the film Parallel mothersFor that reason – and his birthday – September is the month in which MUBI carries out a cycle dedicated to recovering the director’s career.

On Magnificent obsessions: Pedro Almodóvar’s films you can enjoy LGBT + tapes like The law of Desire (1987). So that you don’t miss out: like FilminLatino, the contents of MUBI have a limited availability date. The cycle dedicated to Almodóvar will last until September 30, 2021.

Which of these LGBT + premieres of September 2021 are you going to start with?

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Unmissable LGBT + premieres in September 2021