Liam Hemsworth’s take on Miley Cyrus a year after their split

Twelve months have passed since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth They took different paths after ten years of relationship. The actor decided to take refuge in Australia with his family to overcome his marital breakdown eight months after their wedding, while the singer focused on music and remade her love life with the influencer Kaitlynn Carter and then with Cody Simpson, with whom she just broke up.


Miley Cyrus just released a new single, Midnight SkyA song that has revolutionized the sales and streaming charts and has been referred to by many as a deeply autobiographical account of the pop star’s emotional journey after their breakup. In it he talks about how after being in a relationship for a long time, he manages to regain his freedom. The song seems to have clear references to her husband, Liam Hemsworth, from whom he separated a year ago. While Liam continues to be silent about his breakup, Miley has no problem talking about it and airing intimate situations that he lived with the actor, something that Hemsworth has not liked.

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The artist has now also counted how painful the divorce was for her on the podcast Call Her Daddy. “I had a very public, very big breakup, after more than 10 years of relationship (with Liam).” The singer of Wrecking Ball He says he had such a bad time that he has compared his separation to the loss of a loved one. “It’s like death. When you lose such a deep love, it feels like death. Honestly, sometimes (death) even feels easier, because (with a breakup) the person is still walking the earth. “And he adds:” Going through such a media break, one thing that I gained with all that loss it’s the idea that everything I do I do for myself. “


Liam Hemsworth remains silent regarding his divorce, but a source close to the Australian actor has shown his opinion in the middle US Weekly. “Liam was very touched after the divorce and considers that Miley talks too much about the past “, assures. “Liam has a very low opinion of Miley right now. He was really hurt by their split… Miley and Liam haven’t talked much since their divorce. It hurt him that Miley moved on with new love interests shortly after their breakup, but he has had the support of his family to help him move forward, ”continues the source.

“Liam has been trying to be as private and respectful as possible about their relationship and breakup, And it is a shame for him and his family that certain aspects of their relationship and Miley’s have been made public. He is a very traditional and good guy, he was very hurt by the way in which specific situations developed in front of the world, “said the friend of the youngest of the Hemsworths. Liam, after months of solitude, has rebuilt his life with model Gabrielle Brooks.

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The definitive proof that Liam Hemsworth has forgotten Miley Cyrus a year after their breakup

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Liam Hemsworth’s take on Miley Cyrus a year after their split