The Chair – La Directora, the Netflix series that conquered audiences and critics

I worked for a decade in a publishing house specializing in books and magazines for teachers of all levels and while I watched The director I remembered some notes that I had to read. For example, in one scene the Director of the English Department Ji-Yoon Kim, he asks the Dean Larson how long has it been since he has taught, has not talked to the students, has not approached them. The man did not respond, but it is said that silence is sometimes worth a thousand words.

It came to my memory, then, when notes written by a Director or a School Director came to the Editorial, for the most part they were far from the reality that the boys / students and their teachers lived.

And this series, decidedly in keeping with the times we are living in, partly reflects this. On the one hand, we find teachers who are wise because of the years of study and profession that they carry behind their backs but immersed in the books and distant from the students.

On the opposite side are the young teachers who love their subject as much as they do but who teach it by approaching the students.

Racism is another strong theme in The Chair throughout the six chapters that compose it. So we see that in the world of education non-white male and female teachers represent a minority and tenure is almost a utopia for them.

The union of the classes of the young teacher Summer McKay, an intellectual of color much appreciated by the students and the veteran and distant professor Elliot Rentz is a clear example, just like the unacceptable sexist rudeness that they do to the teacher from the University and they did to the teacher over the course of thirty-two years. Joan Hambling.

The nexus between these issues, to name just two, is Ji-Yoon Kim, the new Director of the English Department. In her fall the problems of those around her at the University and at home.

The woman lives alone with her adopted daughter, a girl of Mexican origin who questions everything; No baby sister lasts for him and it is his elderly father who helps him with the little one. Until the teacher Bill Dobson reveals himself as an excellent companion / friend for Ju-Hee.

The Director, another successful miniseries on Netflix

At the start of the season, the professor Dobson He is very popular with the students of the prestigious Pembroke University, but the personal problems that the man is experiencing (the death of his wife and the estrangement of his daughter) make him careless both professionally and personally. This also negatively influences the new Director, forcing her to make some decisions that she would never have imagined.

The cast, of luxury, is the following: Sandra Oh (“Between drinks”, “Killing Eve”) as the Director Ji-Yoon Kim, Jay Duplass (“Transparent”, “Togetherness”) as the teacher Bill Dobson, Bob Balaban (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “The French Chronicle”) as the professor Elliot Rentz, Nana Mensah (“Queen of Glory”, “The Art of Being Adult”) as the teacher Summer MacKay, Holland Taylor (“The Practitioners”, “Two and a Half Men”) as the teacher Joan Hambling, David Morse (“Contact”, “The Virtuoso”) as the Dean Paul Larson and Everly Carganilla (“Yes today!”, “Jane the Virgin”) as the small and hard Ju-Hee, among others.

They wrote The Chair: Amanda Peet and Annie Wyman, its creators, accompanied by Jennifer Kim, Richard Robbins and Andrea Troyer.

The address is from Daniel Gray Longino (“Miracle Workers”, “Star Trek: Short Treks”).

From Netflix A second season was not announced, but the acceptance of this series, which reached the Platform on August 20, by critics and the public suggests that we will continue to see more about Ji-Yoon Kim and the world around her.



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The Chair – La Directora, the Netflix series that conquered audiences and critics