How Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester Has Been Trying To Kill Blair Waldorf For Ten Years | fashion

It’s been almost nine years since Leighton Meester said goodbye to Blair Waldorf, the most feared, whimsical, snobbish, Audrey Hepburn admirer, dramatic and, above all, charismatic young woman from the exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan in the series Gossip Girl. Not so the public, which continues to be haunted by the media testament of the one who was best friends with Serena Van Woodsen (Blake Lively). A generational reference and a style icon that made the preppy chic style dominate the wardrobes of teenage girls in the first decade of the century and that continues to star in nostalgic fashion editorials. However, Meester has not managed to maintain the pop validity of her alter ego in her acting career, trying since then to replicate – without luck – the repercussions of the HBO series.

At least for Leighton Meester, the shadow of ‘Gossip Girl’ is still very long. Photo: Getty

“It’s been ten years now.” With polite resignation, Leighton Meester thus responds to journalists who take advantage of each new project to ask him about the fate of the iconic Waldorf. She says she doesn’t miss her and has always been reluctant to re-immerse herself in Blair’s privileged world: “I loved playing her, but now I do things that are a little more to my taste in my thirties.” The actress has even publicly criticized the exhausting days of filming to which they were subjected during the six seasons of fiction life. “I would arrive at the studio at five in the morning and leave at eight in the afternoon. Many days I didn’t even see the sunlight. It was not the healthiest work environment, “he told the magazine. Porter. Although he has not closed the door in a definitive way – “I would never say never” -, Meester will not be part of the return to the screen of Gossip Girl, which will premiere in a few months on HBO Max with a cast and completely renewed plots.

Meester’s last acting jobs have been two sitcoms television stations that have failed to have the affection of viewers. Making History, a comedy about time travel, and Single Parents, fiction that followed the misadventures of a group of single parents whose children share a school and that was canceled last year. In the cinema his appearances in this decade are counted on the fingers of his hand, as well as the spectators who paid a ticket to see on the big screen action films of series B such as Always Faithful O By The Gun.

Meester starred in the series ‘Single Parents’ for two seasons alongside Taram Killam. Photo: ABC

But the scant impact of her recent work hasn’t diminished her stylistic influence one iota, making her one of the best-dressed actresses in Hollywood today. “On the red carpets as well as at parties, Meester boasts an undeniably beautiful personal style that has been from the beginning. While other celebrities were busy with trends that are now outdated, Meester’s affinity for floral dresses, elegant suits and delicate jewelry makes her retro looks as relevant to us today as they were a decade ago, ”wrote Janelle Okwodu in the US edition of the magazine Vogue about the young woman who was the image of firms such as Vera Wang, Missoni or Jimmy Choo.

Meester rose to international fame very young, at just 21 years old, but she was more than seasoned in the rigors of a profession she had known since she was a child and from having grown up in a family that qualifies as “the greatest madness you can imagine”. The actress came into the world while her mother was serving a sentence for drug trafficking in a women’s prison and lived for several months in a transition center for prisoners who had just given birth. His father, aunt and grandparents also had problems with the law and one of his brothers, Douglas, was charged with rape. “That made me be non-judgmental and understanding. And appreciate the things I have now, “he told the US Weekly, defending that, despite what it may seem, he had a happy childhood. Once a television star, she even sued her own mother, accusing her of keeping the pension that the actress sent to her younger brother Lex, who suffers from a chronic illness, to spend it on cosmetic operations.

Despite the end of ‘Gossip Girl’, the actress has continued to be one of the best dressed on the red carpet. Photo: GETTY

At just ten years old, a young artist representative fell in love with his talent at a convention and ended up moving to New York. She signed for the prestigious Wilhelmina Models agency, acted as a child mannequin for brands like Calvin Klein, and even starred in a Tamagotchi generational television ad before debuting as a performer at age 14. Her life had nothing to do with that of a normal student and she tells how she even had to give up attending the prom because she could not afford the price of admission. “I worked a lot even though I was just a girl. It seemed normal to me, ”he confessed in an interview in 2012.

In recent years, the Texas actress has deliberately chosen to put aside her work as an actress and focus on her personal life and her activist side. Married since 2014 to another millennial teen television myth, Adam Brody (Seth in The OC), who he met on the set of the movie The OrangesMeester gave birth to the couple’s second child last September. It was Brody himself who publicly confessed that he and his wife did not even plan to follow the new adventures of Gossip Girl. “We are not his audience,” he claimed. In addition to portraying the day-to-day life of her family, the 35-year-old American dedicates the bulk of her activity on her Instagram account – with more than six million followers – to her political commitment and solidarity. She is, for example, the visible face of foundations like the CCHS Foundation, which seeks to raise funds to help research Ondine syndrome (or congenital central hypoventilation), a rare disease that prevents children from breathing properly while they sleep.

The actress poses with the father of her two children, fellow actor Adam Brody. Photo: getty

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How Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester Has Been Trying To Kill Blair Waldorf For Ten Years | fashion