The power of choice in the words of Marion Cotillard

If there is something that distinguishes Marion Cotillard as an actress, it is the impetus she has to penetrate the soul of the characters she embodies, to the point of powerfully moving the viewer. She herself has recognized that improvisation is not her thing because she enjoys being totally involved in every project she undertakes, outside and within the cinematographic universe. Much more, when it comes to environmental and social causes.

The Oscar winner’s sustainable will to bring Édith Piaf to life on screen is reflected in her most recent collaboration with Chopard. By bringing his own interpretation to the Ice Cube collection, he created a bold, contemporary way to wear diamonds. But, beyond the aesthetic plane, she exalts the power of choice.

The Ice Cube Capsule collection by Marion Cotillard is made up of seven high jewelery creations in ethical gold, Fairmined certified, and diamonds that meet international criteria in terms of social responsibility. Photo: Elliott Bliss.

“I believe that, if people had a choice between conscious luxury (with everything that happens from the moment of extraction of materials), and that which seems to turn its back on what is happening in the world, they would choose the right path . This means that those who create luxury must be more responsible and drive a radical change in customer behavior, ”said Cotillard, during a talk with another visionary woman: Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of Chopard.

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Caroline has been a key piece in the journey towards sustainable luxury that the Swiss firm undertook in 2013, to the point of becoming the first jewelery house to sensitize its customers about the origin of its raw materials.

Marion Cotillard Jewelry
Foto: Elliott Bliss/Chopard.

“In a world that is changing so fast and sometimes in the wrong way, Chopard’s work is an example that luxury can be of integrity. I admire Caroline because, despite knowing that it was a risky endeavor, especially when the people who buy your creations are not necessarily sensitive to these issues, she took up the challenge, ”says Marion.

For the fervent environmental activist, the further a brand advances, the more knowledge it acquires and shares what it has learned, the more inspiring everything around it. He also makes a strong appeal in this regard:

“If you only make half decisions, you will never push the limits. It is worth setting the bar very high. We have a long way to go in ethical terms, but at least some creative and surprising firms are already taking this path; so, I think we should all aim to do the best we can. “

Marion Cotillard insists that those who have the freedom to purchase luxury must exercise the same autonomy to seriously inform themselves about the origin of the jewels and all the items they purchase.

“It is important that luxury brands convey their ethical commitment to their employees. But I also believe that, by extension, they need to communicate it effectively to their customers. I see that it is a beautiful way of raising awareness about something that is very important and that affects us all ”.

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The power of choice in the words of Marion Cotillard