“Twice you”, the dark and fascinating movie that you will have to see more than once

Twice you (Netflix)

We are at a very elegant wedding reception in a sumptuous room in Mexico City: lthe camera introduces us to two couples: Daniela and Rodrigo (Melissa barrera and Mariano Palacios), who are extremely attractive, so much so that it is impossible to stop looking at them: they are obviously lovers and the chemistry between them is perfect; At the same table, there is Daniela’s cousin, Tania (Anahí Davila), with her husband Benny (Daniel Adissi). Their marriage is conventional and Tania, despite being so young, feels suffocated by marital boredom and her life as a housewife. It’s not that she envies the obvious apparent sexual harmony in the other couple, it’s just that she can’t help but think What if I was in her place or she in mine?

Champagne glasses come on quickly just like the conversations unfold. Thus arises an idea that, with the sudden and violent intervention of an accident, will end by irreversibly changing the lives of both couples, and it is the beginning of this story as dark as fascinating.

‘Twice You’, a film by Solomon Askenazi that reaches the Netflix digital platform, is a film that does not have a linear structure, nor is it easy to read. In fact, it is a film that challenges and demands from the viewer the same attention as patience … and intelligence.

This will surely cause a bulk of the public to reject her for default, since it is a film that forces you to think (What audacity! How dare he not be an outright distraction!), But whoever enters this strange and visually irresistible story, will have its reward when discovering the magic that is being seen when they can’t take their eyes off the screen anymore.

The story presented to us (also written by Askenazi) is counted out of order; this allows viewers to reconstruct piece by piece what happened (the scene described above is the first and it is the only one that I am going to talk about specifically); undone spoilersLet’s say that this movie is not limited to following the rules that cinematic reality obeys in conventional movies. In fact, it is almost impossible to classify it into a single genre; it could be said that it is melodrama, fantasy, mystery, romance, suspense, psychological horror O Science fiction And it would fit perfectly into all of those categories.

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO - FEBRUARY 18: Melissa Barrera and Mariano Palacios attend a press conference at Cinemex Reforma Casa de Arte on February 18, 2020 in Mexico City, Mexico. (Photo by Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Melissa Barrera and Mariano Palacios. (Adrián Monroy / Medios y Media / Getty Images)

Although there are narrative elements clearly allusive to movies What ‘Sliding Doors‘(Do you remember? That excellent film from the 90s with Gwyneth Paltrow, about alternate realities), ‘Open your eyes’ (from Alejandro Amenábar) and very especially ‘Mulholland Drive’ (The resonance of this one is wide), ‘Dos vez tú’ has a particular style that distinguishes it from other Mexican films that seek this thematic cut — it never falls, for example, into the arrogance of ‘The incident’ and ‘Los similacidos’ , both by Isaac Ezbán, a director who usually belittles the public with his work.

As a creator, Askenazi has managed to do a solid job in what is clearly a passion project And when I spoke of a particular style I was referring to all aspects of what it is to make a film: the cinematography (by the notable Beto Casillas), the setting and the music (by Adissi and Sebastián Zunino himself), while hehe edition of Jorge García has an impeccable rhythm to make the pieces of the puzzle fit together in many ways: each scene is a complete moment, but when a new one begins, like a kaleidoscope, and we are often not sure where it belongs in the time frame.

The result of this structure, that has its risk, is that as a spectator, you are never sure what comes next, as often happens in David Lynch films and as a consequence of this way of narrating, there’s an air of mystery that hangs over everything.

There are two ways to construct a narrative of this type in cinema: one is to introduce the inexplicable by the simple fact of doing it, without an idea of ​​how to solve it (for example, and returning to Lynch, the indulgence of ‘Inland Empire‘, that only the fans can endure more hardcore, even if it contains the most formidable performance of Laura Dern throughout his career). The other is to telegraph the whole plot in a way that is too predictable, and then there is no mystery at all and everything becomes tedious (as happens with ‘The Conjuring’ and substitutes).

While the actors – especially Palacios, who has extensive experience in theater —They fulfill their role in the plot well, those who carry the main weight of the film are the protagonists, who serve as the link to take the viewer to the high points of the story; Melissa Barrera has a decisive presence — something that can be seen in her appearance in ‘In The Heights‘and in the series’Life‘- and shows the ability to generate reactions with subtlety, while Anahí Dávila, a relatively new face, unfolds naturally like Tania, touching all the bases in the journey of his character, from the naivete, to the shocking duel, to the superhuman anguish.

Dos veces tú (Netflix)

Twice you (Netflix)

‘Twice you’ it is not an easy movie to review, because the slightest revelation of the details of its plot can ruin the experience; Now I can say that, for your own benefit, this is a film achieved and executed with taste: There is a thematic point for every unexplained event, even if not everything that arises is completely logical, and most of the time this works in the film’s favor.

The result is haunting: this is a tape that invites more than one viewing, and that at the end, no matter how many times it is seen, he lingers in his mind for hours, reconfiguring his ideas over and over again.

‘Twice you’ is available on Netflix for Mexico and all of Latin America starting this weekend.


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“Twice you”, the dark and fascinating movie that you will have to see more than once