Wonder Woman 3 could be Gal Gadot’s last movie as the Amazon princess

One of the biggest hits for the DC Extended Universe was Wonder Woman – 92% who, despite being one of the most popular characters in DC Comics, film and television, managed to bring a fresh air with the version directed by Patty Jenkins with Gal Gadot as the protagonist. Gal has become one of the favorite stars in the action genre, however, he highlighted Diana’s virtues on the big screen between fight scenes and emotional moments.

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His first appearance in the popular costume, tiara, and lasso of truth was in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27% of Zack Snyder, where he intervened in the confrontation between Clark and Bruce, appearing first as Diana Prince to make her entrance as the superhero near the end. This was in 2016, by mid-2017 his first solo film was released and at the end of the same year he returned to join the Justice League – 41%.

Despite the criticism of the finished film by Joss Whedon, Wonder Woman it was very well received by critics and audiences alike. This would ensure his future within the franchise, which would be reflected in the making of Wonder Woman 1984 – 76%, although it did not have the same success as the first, without forgetting that its premiere was in the middle of the pandemic, becoming the first film to have a simultaneous release in theaters and HBO Max.

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Gal Gadot was seen again in the trademark costume in Zack Snyder’s Justice League remake – 82%, and a third installment is expected for his solo films. So far it is not entirely confirmed if there will be Wonder Woman 3As the production has tried to be discreet since the release of the first film, however, some rumors have indicated that the character would have his own trilogy, which means that Gadot is close to saying goodbye to the Amazon.

According to information shared by the popular Hollywood journalist Daniel Richtman, Gal Gadot he is preparing to say goodbye to his character in a third and final film. So far it is not known if Jenkins will continue in the direction because she is now involved in the Star Wars franchise directing the film. Rogue Squadronbut it would be hard to think of Wonder Woman 3 without the director since he has achieved a great dumbbell with his protagonist.

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The chances of seeing the character in another DC Extended Universe movie are slim, especially since she’s part of the Snyderverse, a universe the company has decided to scrap after Snyder’s last movie with them. It is worth mentioning that, in an interview, the actress assured that she would like her character to have a closure within this whole story, and a third film would be the ideal place for it.

This formula of a superhero with his own trilogy where the main character has some evolution and development throughout three films has worked with stories such as Iron Man and Captain America, who had a closing in a team film (Avengers: Endgame – 95%), while DC Films features the Batman Begins trilogy – 84% by Christopher Nolan and with Christian Bale as the protagonist, which worked the entire time as a solo story.


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Wonder Woman 3 could be Gal Gadot’s last movie as the Amazon princess