Jacobs challenges Bolt: “You and me against flag-stealing, but for charity”

Jacobs challenges Bolt You and me against flag stealing but for

It took a week. But eventually the answer came. And it is a disenchanted, ironic answer. THE SINK — Last Sunday, Usain Bolt, speaking from Dubai, guest of personal sponsors during the Expo, said: “I missed not competing at the Olympics. It was frustrating to watch the races from home, on TV. I would have … Read more

Abu Dhabi marathon, Ekiru does not betray: he wins as a dominator

Abu Dhabi marathon Ekiru does not betray he wins as

The Kenyan, on 42 km the fastest man of the year in the world, wins the RCS Sport and Events race in 2h06’13 “. Among the women, success by his compatriot Jeptum in 2h22’30” The most awaited wins, the strongest dominates. The third Abu Dhabi marathon, RCS Sport and Events race, goes to Titus Ekiru. … Read more

Schwazer: “I lied to Carolina. I went to Turkey to dop myself, I was a junkie”

Schwazer I lied to Carolina I went to Turkey to

In the bookshop “After the finish line”, in which the walker confesses: “Sragionavo. And I was ready to lie, because taking drugs also means lying. I was happy with Carolina because her solitude was like mine “ “I was a junkie, I used to go to Turkey to dop”. This time they are not insinuations, … Read more