2020 Forbes Selection | 7 things you didn’t know about ‘Parasite’, the 2020 Oscar Best Picture

2020 Forbes Selection 7 things you didnt know about

‘Parasite’ has made history. The most recent film by the South Korean director, Bong Joon-ho has conquered even the most specialized critics in the world of cinema for the excellent execution of the plot within the film that became the surprise of the Oscar taking home four of his six nominations: Best Film, Best International … Read more

La Haine: The French classic turns 25 and is still as relevant as when it premiered

La Haine The French classic turns 25 and is still

Photo: Canal+ Hate It is 25 years old and today it seems more current than ever in its political, ideological and visibility objectives. Released in 1995, this French film whose title was translated as Hatred, recounts the entire day of three friends belonging to the Parisian suburbs. Meanwhile Abdel, another friend, is hospitalized in a … Read more

Oscar 2015: ‘Whiplash’ could take the golden statuette of Hollywood

‘Whiplash’ bears this title thanks to the famous composition made by the American jazz player and saxophonist, Hank Levy, which has the same name. The popularity of this song was due, in part, to the fact that Levy summoned the famous trumpeter, Don Ellis, to perform it with his group. One of the biggest and … Read more

Why ‘Love Actually’ Isn’t The Heartwarming Rom-Com You Remembered

Why Love Actually Isnt The Heartwarming Rom Com You Remembered

SIf there is a movie that does not deserve to be seen from a kind perspective, it is definitely Love Actually. Things have changed since 2003, and having rewatched the movie, I can say: thank goodness, because few movies seem to be as embarrassingly out of step with modern feminism as Love Actually . Every … Read more

Mean Girls: What happened to the original cast of the movie?

Mean Girls What happened to the original cast of the

I’m fetch! After 17 years of its premiere, Mean Girls continues to be one of the chick flicks favorites, with iconic characters and phrases and moments como “On Wednesdays, we wear pink [los miércoles usamos rosa]” or the much remembered October 3, which has become the ‘Mean Girls Day’. This special occasion references a line … Read more

Street Fighter Style P2E Game “Parrots’ Fight Club Fight Club” Launches NFT Collection – BeInCrypto

Street Fighter Style P2E Game Parrots Fight Club Fight Club

You can think of parrots as just another group of cute, silly birds that do little more than eat, fly, poop, mate, hop around making funny noises, and sometimes mimic human speech. Also, they are good pets, you will probably be tempted to have one of them. Well, those stereotypes certainly don’t apply to parrots … Read more

From the view of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to a spa in Beverly Hills, to the walk of Selma Blair and Ron Carlson: celebrities in a click

From the view of Chrissy Teigen and John Legend to

Teleshow In addition, Bella Hadid set a trend with her look in Los Feliz, and Sara Sampaio showed her new look in West Hollywood. Selma Blair and Ron Carlson shared a walk through the streets of Los Angeles. They stopped for coffee to go and were photographed on their way back to their car. The … Read more

Disney and Tencent team up to launch a mobile game based on the Avatar universe

Disney and Tencent team up to launch a mobile game

More than ten years ago it was released Avatar in theaters, the movie James Cameron which still retains its place as the highest grossing in history. Although the overwhelming success suggested an immediate continuity, the truth is that the franchise took a long break to continue expanding its narrative. But 2022 is shaping up to … Read more

Star Wars: essay proposes that The Last Jedi is not liked for confronting toxic masculinity | tomatoes

Star Wars essay proposes that The Last Jedi is not

Since its release in 2017, Star Wars: The Last Jedi – 91% has caused quite a stir among Star Wars fans, with most split between love or hate, and there seems to be more to the latter group. To explain the latter, some have said that it was due to “fear” of strong female characters, … Read more