Skipping the invitation to Komnas PA, Doddy Sudrajat: Nothing Needs to be Clarified : Okezone Celebrity

Skipping the invitation to Komnas PA Doddy Sudrajat Nothing Needs

JAKARTA– Doddy Sudrajat finally revealed the reasons for refusing mediation with the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA). Apparently, the father of the late Vanessa Angel felt that there was nothing more that needed to be clarified from him. On the other hand, Doddy Sudrajat also did not want to mediate for the guardianship … Read more

Sanremo 2022, the report cards and the comments of the “first plays”: Ranieri and Elisa convince, they disappoint Achille Lauro, Sangiovanni and Michele Bravi

Sanremo 2022 the report cards and the comments of the

More than the Festival of the restart, that of 2022 will be the Festival of the reconfirmation of Amadeus. Certainly for his musical choices. The 25 songs that we have listened to and that will be competing at the 72nd edition of Sanremo (on Rai1, from 1 to 5 February 2022), are songs thought and … Read more

Yogie Nandes Promotes the Minang Pop Genre through his New Single Tahalang Restu : Okezone Celebrity

Yogie Nandes Promotes the Minang Pop Genre through his New

SINGER There are not too many young people involved in the Malay-dangdut genre, one of them is Yogie Nandes. Now, approaching the end of 2021, the finalist of the 2015 Indonesian Dangdut Contest (KDI) is ready to release the single “Tahalang Restu” under the auspices of Sony Music Entertainment. The song, which describes a love … Read more

Masterchef, fifth episode: spectacular outdoor test. Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas

Masterchef fifth episode spectacular outdoor test Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas

Masterchef, fifth episode: Spectacular outdoor test. Eliminated Andrea and Nicholas. A journey into emotions and memories, between past experiences and moving life stories: this is the source of energy and passion for cooking, but also concentration to face the insidious challenges conceived by the three judges Bruno Barbieri, Antonino Cannavacciuolo and Giorgio Locatelli. Read also>Masterchef, … Read more

Ciptakan Lagu Sendiri, Rimar Callista Rilis Single Baru Berjudul “Menunggu Kau Kembali” : Okezone Celebrity

Ciptakan Lagu Sendiri Rimar Callista Rilis Single Baru Berjudul Menunggu

JAKARTA– Rimar Callista menelurkan karya terbarunya. Ya, penyanyi yang memiliki visual menawan dan bertalenta tinggi ini kembali merilis single terbaru yang diberi judul “Menunggu Kau Kembali”. Single ini menjadi yang kedua dikeluarkan oleh Rimar Callista di bawah bendera label rekaman Universal Music Indonesia. Sebelumnya, April 2021 lalu Rimar merilis single perdana bertajuk “Waktu dan Perhatian”. … Read more

Carlo Verdone at “Today is another day” the 40 years of “Borotalco”: the memory of Angelo Infanti and Lucio Dalla furioso

Carlo Verdone at Today is another day the 40 years

Carlo Verdone guest of Serena Bortone a “Today is another day” his RaiUno. It is the 40th anniversary of the cult film “Borotalco” from Carlo Verdone and the actor director was in fact accompanied Eleonora Giorgi and Rossella Infanti, daughter of Angelo Infanti, who played the role of the legendary Manuel Fantoni in the film. … Read more

Sinopsis Virgin the Series : Okezone Celebrity

Sinopsis Virgin the Series Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Repeating the success of the 2004 film Virgin, Starvision has re-released the website series with the same title. Premieres on Friday, January 14, 2022 on Disney+ Hotstar, Virgin the Series will have at least 10 episodes. Virgin the Series will certainly look different compared to the Virgin film because it carries the thriller … Read more

Maneskin, Damiano and Giorgia Soleri in crisis? The indiscretion after those posts accused of racism

Maneskin Damiano and Giorgia Soleri in crisis The indiscretion after

The photo posted by Damiano David for his girlfriend’s birthday Giorgia Soleri made the fans melt. Followers not used to the Maneskin frontman’s private life posts went crazy in front of the image of the two guys all dressed up ready to celebrate “Pepe”, that’s what Damiano calls it. But according to rumors it seems … Read more

These are 15 Indonesian X Factor contestants chosen by Anang, Ariel, BCL, Judika, Rossa : Okezone Celebrity

These are 15 Indonesian X Factor contestants chosen by Anang

JAKARTA – More exciting, now one of the biggest talent search events in the country X Factor Indonesia arrived at the JHV round last Tuesday night. To be in this round, of course, is not an easy struggle for the contestants because they first passed a very tight audition stage until the Chairs round. After … Read more

Doc – in your hands, Luca Bernabei: “Connect in time, a bombshell will happen immediately”

Doc in your hands Luca Bernabei Connect in time

Luca Bernabei reveals Doc’s secrets – in your hands: “Connect in time because a bombshell will immediately happen”. At Non stop news, on RTL 102.5 the CEO of Lux Vide, explained, on the occasion of the #DocDay, how covid will be treated in the series. And there is no shortage of spoilers. Read also> “Doc … Read more