‘No Time to Die,’ ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ and 27 other great movies to catch this fall

Wondering what’s coming to a theater near you this fall? So is the movie industry. For a while, it seemed that Hollywood had successfully waited out the pandemic. Studios pulled their biggest movies from out of 2020, then tested the waters this summer by releasing major blockbusters like “F9” and “Black Widow.” The results were … Read more

A Thousand Cuts: The Cinematic Cost of Counting Beans

“Benedetta,” a film by Paul Verhoeven “I just got a check from Spotify for nine cents.” Blondie musician Chris Stein tweeted that in response to the breaking news of the Walt Disney Company’s open warfare against producer-actor Scarlett Johansson over her lawsuit to correct her compensation for the movie “Black Widow,” the release of which … Read more

Loki Will Have ‘More Impact On The MCU Than Any Show So Far,’ Says Kevin Feige – Exclusive Image | Movies

Between WandaVision and The Falcon And The Winter Soldier, it’s clear that Marvel’s Disney+ shows aren’t a side-attraction in the MCU – they’re fully fleshed-out stories that take on just as much narrative weight as the main movies, just with longer runtimes, episodic presentation, and the opportunity for underserved characters to have more time to … Read more

30 or 34? Singer Chris Evans Kaweesi caught “cheating” age

According to a Daily Monitor story titled “Chris Evans: I’m unlucky in love” written on Saturday 30th August, 2014, Chris Evans was 27-years-old. Seven years later, the singer says he is 30-years-old. Fans were left divided as they discussed Chris Evans’ age following his revelation the he made 30-years-old on Monday, contrary to Wikipedia which … Read more

Cinderella is a vapid adaptation, but its biggest flaw is its women

Photo credit: Amazon Studios Cinderella is, to quote Disney stablemate Beauty and the Beast, a tale as old as time. The fairytale, which was originally much darker and more gruesome, as many fairytales were, has been told again and again in a variety of ways. The one most people conjure up in their mind’s eye … Read more