A Sweetheart That Passed the Screen: The Close Friendship of Ryan Reynolds and Betty White

Until just a few hours ago, both interpreters joked about their relationship, which, Reynolds assured on more than one occasion, was a courtship.

As a surprise blow came the news about Death at 99 of American actress Betty White, as confirmed by the portal TMZ. According to the outlet, White I would have had no health problems, so his death was due to natural causes.

And it is that the actress just a few days ago had flooded the covers in the United States not only for the preparation of her 100th birthday, but also for joking with actor Ryan Reynolds, ensuring that the interpreter cannot overcome it since they worked together in 2009.

This, thanks to the sayings of the interpreter of Deadpool in the publication for the preparations to the 100 years of the actress of the magazine People. In the note, the actor assured that is a fan of White “since I can remember”.

“Have I ever heard that the scripts of Golden Girls They were only 35 pages long, which makes sense because a lot of the laughs come from Betty just looking at her co-stars, ”she said.

He also said that White is “A typical Capricorn. Sleep all day. He lives outside all night drinking and devouring men ”.

To this, the actress replied to the magazine People: “I heard that Ryan can’t get over what’s wrong with me, but Robert Redford is the one, “he commented, jokingly, recalling his admiration for the face of Hollywood.

Hours later, Reynolds replied in the same tone on Twitter, assuring that he is “absolutely fed up with the media exploit past relationships just to generate clicks ”, alluding to the fact that the interpreter would be his ex-girlfriend.

Everything from a movie

White shared with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in the romance comedy film The Proposal. During the film’s production they released a funny video where White and Reynolds couldn’t stand each other.

In fact, the video shows how White approaches the actor and acts as if he does not know his name, for later demand coffee and insult him, so that, when Reynolds responds, everyone is upset with the actor for his aggressiveness against the old woman.

Reynolds has on more than one occasion shown his admiration for White and his work on The Golden Girls. In fact, for the first tape of Deadpool, the actor paid $ 10,000 to wear a t-shirt of The Golden Girls with the face of the late Bea Arthur in the role of Dorothy Zbornak, according to the slogan The Guardian.

The interpreter used to constantly joke about his relationship with White, in fact, in 2019, He also referred to the star as his ex-girlfriend at the time of wishing you a happy birthday.

“I don’t usually post about ex-girlfriends. But Betty is special. Happy birthday to the one and only Betty White, ”he wrote then.

On January 17, the premiere of a documentary called Betty White: 100 Years Young—A Birthday Celebration, which followed the last years of the actress’s life.

In it, the actor who also played Green Lantern He was going to participate with Tina Fey, Robert Redford, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman and more to talk about his relationship with the actress.

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A Sweetheart That Passed the Screen: The Close Friendship of Ryan Reynolds and Betty White