Anthony Hopkins: This was the day the actor was told he had no future

The actor Anthony Hopkins He recounted some passages in his life that were essential to achieve the success that he currently enjoys during his participation in Mexico XXI century, the annual meeting of Fundación TELMEX Telcel with its scholarship holders.

The winner of two Oscars told the journalist Pamela Cerdeira How difficult his childhood and adolescence were because he was not good at school, languages ​​or sports and practically his grades were bad, but there was a day when everything changed, after they told him that he had no future.

“I couldn’t learn anything and I thought well, is there something wrong with me or not. Maybe I was different. Maybe I had a learning disability. I do not know. But I remember one afternoon in 1955, the ballot arrived at my parents’ store and at the bottom there was a phrase that said ‘Anthony is way below the level of this school’. And my father, of course, was very upset and so was my mother ..

“They had a good reason because I didn’t have a future and that bothered them. But I remember that I turned around at that moment, not with anger or resentment or anything like that, and I told them that one day I was going to show them that I was. There was a pause, my father looked at my mother, then at me and he said: ‘Well, I hope you will,’ ”said the 83-year-old actor.

Without knowing how or why, he felt that those phrases awakened something in him that made him change, and although it is not religious, Yes it is spiritualThat’s why he joked that it was like a miracle, since only four months later he won a scholarship and soon after he was studying to be an actor.

“I think it was a higher consciousness or higher power. I do not know. But when I said that, everything changed and here I am, 66 years later. I don’t know why I became an actor. I have no idea. I don’t know where I come from. I don’t know what I’m doing yet. So I don’t dispute the power that is within you, so that’s what he taught young people to believe in them, “said the first actor.

Hopkins, recognized for his role in the film “The silence of the inocents“He is also a painter and composer, he added that he knows that discipline was necessary for his career, as well as learning to control the ego, because being young it is easy to lose the ground.

“When you are an actor and you are young you believe the great thing. But I realized an inverse paradox: that I was insignificant. And with that you gain enormous freedom. It gave me space to do things for myself and do the things that I had feared to do, “he said and also spoke of the books that marked him, of his admiration for Charles Chaplin, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King and John F. Kennedy.

In all these years of life, the only thing he regrets is not having learned more languages, especially Spanish, because his current wife, Stella Arroyave, is Colombian and has several friends who speak it. He is not afraid of death or thinks about it a lot, he knows that it is something that will happen, and he would only like to be remembered as the man who did it well, just as he says these words to the four-year-old boy in a photo . “I see it and I say to that fearful child: we did it well boy, we did it well, we survived.”


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Anthony Hopkins: This was the day the actor was told he had no future