Bodybuilder Aaron Reed Confirms He’s Ryan Reynolds’ Body Double on ‘Free Guy’

  • Mystery solved! The culturista Aaron Reed is he body double from Ryan Reynolds to interpret to Dude in ‘Free Guy’.
  • Ryan Reynolds’ training and diet in detail

    After its premiere has been delayed due to the pandemic, ‘Free Guy’ it’s already in theaters. The film action comedy starring Ryan Reynolds It tells how a normal guy discovers that he is actually living in a shooting video game. Within the promotion of the film, Reynolds shared a video on his YouTube channel in which he showed viewers a glimpse of Dude, his alter ego who looks a lot like Reynolds, except for the fact that his body is incredibly Hulk. .

    In the video, Reynolds appears incarnating Dude with a straight face as he not-so-subtly parodied the body transformations Hollywood leading men go through when preparing for action roles. “I start every day with a protein pump made exclusively from human muscle,” he joked. “It’s completely organic and illegal.”

    It goes without saying that what is actually seen in the video is Reynolds’ head digitally superimposed on another person’s torso. And now we know the identity of Dude’s body from the neck down: Aaron Reed, an actor and former culturista competitive with WWE experience.

    “What we did was an idea that Ryan and I had from the beginning,” director Shawn Levy explained in a recent interview. “This character wasn’t in the script, but we had this idea, what if Ryan has to fight Ryan? But what if it’s an upgrade? What if it’s Ryan 2.0? Taller, more muscular, balder, more highlights and spiky hair, so we literally cast a bodybuilder from L.A. His body was huge, and it made Ryan look like a frail little feather.”

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    Reed, for his part, “had a lot of fun” working with Reynolds and the rest of the crew on “Free Guy,” even if his face never appears in the film. “Working with the specialists was a lot of fun,” he recently told “Those guys are my inspiration because they are always fighting and playing. Whenever we had free time, I would ask them to show me interesting things.”

    However, he also said that the breaks in filming meant that he had to recover his Dude physique in a very short time: “We had filmed everything in the summer of 2019, and then we had to return in January 2020 to film additional scenes,” he explained. . “I was in pretty good shape in the summer, but every year I cruise in November and December. So when I found out we were coming back, I only had about three weeks to get back into summer shape.”

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Bodybuilder Aaron Reed Confirms He’s Ryan Reynolds’ Body Double on ‘Free Guy’