Celebrity Day: Hailey and Justin Bieber, pregnant?

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Zendaya’s arachnid dress at the premiere of ‘Spider-man: no way home’

The premiere of the new movie Spider-man it is an event even before its premiere. The rumors about the new film that bets on the metaverse are constant and its release has not been for less.

At the premiere held in Los Angeles, one of its protagonists, zendaya, has left everyone speechless in a nude Valentino dress with Spider webs black and shiny. To give it a more arachnid touch, he has put on a black mask. The look perfect for this appointment to which she has attended with her boyfriend and protagonist of the film, Tom Holland.

Ana Obregón, ready for TVE Christmas


Ana Obregón, ready for TVE Christmas

A'Home Alone' actor accused of assaulting his girlfriend


A ‘Home Alone’ actor accused of assaulting his girlfriend

The actor who gave life to the abusive brother of Home alone, Become Ratray, has been accused by his girlfriend of mistreatment and attempted constriction.

The 44-year-old interpreter physically assaulted the woman during a discussion they had in a hotel in Oklahoma City (United States). According to the victim while strangling her with one hand, I covered her hand with the other so she wouldn’t scream. Luckily, after biting it, he was able to flee.

The kiss of Ana de Armas that confirms her love for Paul Boukadakis


The kiss of Ana de Armas that confirms her love for Paul Boukadakis

Anna of Arms She has already forgotten Ben Affleck, whom she broke up with in 2021. Since then she has not known a partner. Devoted to her work and her debut as chica Bond, there were very few who knew that he was with a Tinder executive, Paul Boukadakis.

Rumors began to emerge this past July, but they have never made official their relation. Now that the artist is in vogue in Hollywood, the cameras of the paparazzi They have hunted her with the businessman on the street until they achieve the image of the kiss that confirms their relationship.

Mette Marit's son's girlfriend suffers from bipolar disorder


Mette Marit’s son’s girlfriend suffers from bipolar disorder

I am bipolar. I was diagnosed when I was young, so I have lived with my disease for many years. I received early help and now I am still in therapy and I am medicated. “These have been the words with which the model Juliana Snekkestad, girlfriend of Marius Borg, son of the princess Mette-Marit, has revealed his disorder.

Has made it to the magazine A-Magazine, where he has revealed what it is like to live with this condition. “I can be completely normal, then suddenly i’m in the well. There does not have to be any reason or cause for it. I am lower than above. Bipolar disorder is a damn disease “, sentence.

Britney Spears recalls an interview she did required after the breakup with Justin


Britney Spears recalls an interview she did required after the breakup with Justin

Britney Spears He wants to tell about everything that he has had to live under the tutelage of his father these last 13 years. One of these things was granting an interview with Diane Sawyer after her break up with Justin Timberlake.

“Something I never talked about when I went through a breaking off Very important years ago is that afterwards I could not speak. I did not speak to anyone for a long time. I was in a state of shock. So it was quite sad that my father and three other men showed up at my door when I couldn’t even say a word … and two days later I had to Diane Sawyer in my living room, “he said on his Instagram before deleting the publication.

Kim Kardashian, one step away from graduating in law


Kim Kardashian, one step away from graduating in law

“For all those who do not know my training in Law, know that it was not easy.I failed this exam 3 times in 2 years, but I got up every time and studied harder and tried again until approved! (On the third attempt, I had the Covid with a fever of 40ºC, but I’m not looking for excuses.) “Thus and with a Balenciaga dress, he has announced Kim Kardashian which is one step away from completing a law degree.

The only thing left now for the influence is to take and pass a new exam to be able to practice law. Still, she is confident that she can do it. Asserts that the hardest part is over

Billie Eislish recounts her harsh experience with Covid


Billie Eislish recounts her harsh experience with Covid

With the pandemic in a new resurgence in almost all over the world and anti-vaccine movements gaining strength, Billie Eilish wanted to remember that she passed the Covid and it was very hard. “I could have died”, He asserts.

“I have not died, and I was not going to die either, but that does not mean that I felt totally miserable in those almost two months. It was terrible and I still suffer sequelae. “But if she is okay, it is” due to the vaccine. I think that if she had not been vaccinated, she could have died, because I was too bad”, Sentence.

Hailey Bieber pregnancy rumors


Hailey Bieber pregnancy rumors

Instagram followers are very suspicious and if they see something that doesn’t fit them, they start to elaborate theories. The last that the wife of Justin BieberHailey, she’s pregnant.

All because they don’t see recent photos of her showing her whole body. This added to a message that has been posted in a storie have unleashed the rumors. The message says, “It’s okay to disappear until you feel like yourself again.” Enough to be true?

Rosa Benito and Gloria Camila's reactions to'Rocío's last trip'


Rosa Benito and Gloria Camila’s reactions to ‘Rocío’s last trip’

As expected, the issuance of Rocío’s last trip it was going to give that to speak. In fact, Gloria Camila and Rosa Benito did not take two minutes to express their opinion when the program has ended.

Both have supported the tribute, but have been very harsh with Rocio Carrasco. Benito remembers that she “would never do anything that would harm Rocío Jurado.” The influence, for its part, has serious doubts that it is unknown what is in the 18 containers they have shown. She has also been very critical of her sister.

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Celebrity Day: Hailey and Justin Bieber, pregnant?