From Messi and Neymar to Jolie and Rihanna: celebrities don’t stop drawing their bodies and the sternum is the new hot spot

The tattoos or “tattoos” it will accompany us throughout our lives and, day after day, they will be present in us. Therefore, you have to be fully sure of doing it, of choosing the drawing, the text or the chosen image well.

There are small and simple tattoos that recall a special moment, an unforgettable date, an endearing person, or those that adorn our skin with an image that we find attractive, say the tattooists consulted.

For its realization the best thing is be able to convey a realistic, cubist, geometric or abstract idea to the tattoo artist, who will provide the technical knowledge necessary to carry out the work.

“Some trends among fans and tattoo artists are minimalist work, which they like a lot because it is a simple technique consisting of a black line work, with little or no additional detail”, indicates a tattoo professional.

However, those of color, of watercolors – they say – are of great difficulty for the executors, they have as a peculiar fact of their technique the absence of online work, giving a special optical illusion.

And within these, the technique that is considered more complicated, they say, is the dot tattoo, or pointillist, with a monochromatic technique, making the images based on a dot pattern.
The worst thing is when, 40 years from now, the tattooed person has to stretch their skin so that the drawing can be recognized.

Lionel Messi he has his whole body tattooed. Beneath the lotus flower on his right forearm stands out a watch that is quite striking due to its size. In the upper part of the arm, reaching the shoulder, the face of Christ appears. One of the tattoos what else have they given to talk about Leo Messi It is the one on his left leg where he has the names of his children.

While his PSG teammate and friend Neymar Jr., He is also a fan of drawing his skin: the attacker of the Paris Saint-Germain and of the Brazilian national team accumulates more than 30 designs in different parts of his body. The last one has been done on his back, with Batman and spiderman as protagonists.

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Angelina Jolie wears one of her tattoos. EFE / EPA / FABIO FRUSTACI

The tattoos that can tire one of seeing it

If we want to get a tattoo because it is something that will always be on our body, fashions are fads and they pass.

Be careful with tattoos with names of couples with whom a relationship ends later, team names that later disappear, etc.

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Rihanna shows the tattoos on her right hand. EFE / EPA / JULIEN WARNAND

And watch out for those who are made at the end of the spine on the back if they coincide with the place where the epidural anesthesia is given.

Regardless of whether it looks pretty or not, the sternum is one of the favorite places for ‘tattoos’ today among ‘celebrities’, which is why it is gaining relevance in social networks.

The celebrities who do not stop tattooing

From Rihanna and his tattoo of the goddess Isis in the lower chest area, which is also very popular among the breasts, tattoos on the sternum are an upward trend especially among women.
Footballers, various athletes, singers, actors, actresses … all of them have contributed a lot to the spread of this trend, which at first seemed a bit marginal and now almost everyone looks.

Some have one or two in their entire body, others count them by the dozens, but there are those who have also lost count, such as Messi, Neymar Jr. and other sports stars.

We have them of all kinds: the animals of Cara delevingne; Rihanna’s Egyptian goddess; the Viking runes of Elsa Pataky; the stars that Sienna Miller wears; the coordinates of the birthplace of all of Angelina Jolie’s children; the sunset of Scarlett Johansson; or phrases in other languages ​​like the one that the actress, singer and model Hayden Panettiere wears on her body.

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Barbadian singer and actress Rihanna sports a tattoo written above her right breast. EFE / Will Oliver

Some famous women wear them with great pride whenever they can on the red carpets with necklines, but others recognized that, if they could go back in their lives, they would never have engraved a “tattoo” on their skin or, directly, they have managed to erase it.

Rihanna has more than twenty, including an inscription on the neck ‘rebelle fleur’, the sign of Pisces behind the ear … On the nape, the singer from Barbados wears a trail of stars, and under the collarbone, the phrase ‘Never a failure, always a lesson ‘(‘ Never a defeat, always a lesson ‘), written backwards to be read in a mirror.

Tattoos Angelina Jolie they are loaded with meaning. On the left shoulder blade wears a prayer written in Sanskrit that the actress tattooed as protection for her and her first child, Maddox. The inscription ‘know your rights’ is tattooed under the nape.

On her lower back, Jolie got a Bengal tiger tattooed by a traditional Thai tattoo artist. But, the most special tattoo, she wears on her left arm where she bears the coordinates of the birthplace of all her children and the then her husband, Brad Pitt, which after the divorce would be erased.

Scarlett JohanssonAnother fan of painting her skin, she prefers tattoos full of color, like the sunset on her forearm.

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The Spanish actress Elsa Pataky poses wearing one of her first Viking script tattoos, to which she later added at least five more visible ones, during the presentation of the film ” Avengers: End Game ” (United States), in April 2019 EFE / Etienne Laurent

Elsa Pataky She wears a Viking rune on her shoulder, which has become a hallmark of the actress who, in addition, has tattooed five more on her forearm.

Cara delevingne He got his first tattoo, a lion on his index finger, and since then he has not stopped decorating his body. He has more than fifteen among them the name of his mother, Pandora, on his arm.
Dakota Johnson, protagonist of the ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ saga, has several, including a minimalist daisy.

Kate Moss He wears a small anchor on his wrist, although his most special tattoo is more hidden: on the lower part of his back where he has two birds tattooed, the work of the artist Lucian Freud, grandson of the creator of psychoanalysis. This tattoo, -Moss has commented-, assures him that he wears what he wears, he will always go with “several million” on top.

Lucian Freud He is one of the great geniuses of realistic and figurative painting. The two little birds were a gift from the British painter. On his skin he also wears a star on his ankle.

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Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Pedro Capó with tattoos on his arms. EFE / JORGE MUÑIZ

Tattoos: what is their origin

The tattoos they have been present in multiple cultures. The oldest testimony of which we have archaeological evidence is an Egyptian mummy buried 5000 years ago, but it is possible that this tradition dates back much earlier.

Tattoos, however, did not reach the western world as we know them today until about 500 years ago, when European sailors discovered tattoos on their trade voyages to the Pacific Ocean.

The Inuit tribes that inhabited arctic regions of North America, the Vikings on the northern coast of Europe, or the Egyptians, had a tradition of tattooing some reason to distinguish themselves, but these customs were not divulged by the rest of the world and they disappeared with them.

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“Tattoo” of the foot of the singer Rosalía. EFE / EPA / DAVID SWANSON

The rose (with or without names) used to be tattooed as a memory of someone dear, loved, but like roses, love can have its thorns.

The famous skull, despite its popularity, does not have such a clear origin. For some it may be a reminder of having overcome an illness or danger, for others it may be the end of a stage or the memory of a deceased person.

The swallow was the favorite of European sailors around 1700, since they made, like these birds, long trips returning each year to their birthplace, just as sailors return safely to port after trips.

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From Messi and Neymar to Jolie and Rihanna: celebrities don’t stop drawing their bodies and the sternum is the new hot spot