Jesy Nelson is verbally assaulted by a girl in a London restaurant

Jesy Nelson She ended up getting into an affair and was verbally attacked by a girl in a London restaurant recently, according to The Mirror’s website.

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If you think it was because of the controversy surrounding Little Mix, you are wrong. In fact, the reason was a scarf!

According to people who saw the situation, Jesy was calmly enjoying dinner with friends, but accidentally changed the mood later after she accidentally sat on someone else’s scarf.

They said that the 30-year-old singer started a real discussion with the girl, but this was denied by close friends of the singer.

“Jesy is a victim of constant abuse, whether online or offline. This girl verbally assaulted Jesy, who kept calm while enjoying an evening with friends, ”said a source.

Apparently, the former Little Mix member was not entirely comfortable with the situation, which caught the attention of the entire establishment. “She was understandably shocked by the whole thing. Jesy then apologized to the owner on behalf of the girl and she is still welcome in the restaurant, “added the source.

Witnesses claim that Jesy was called “Shitty Putx” because the girl screamed a lot. However, there are no video recordings of the embarrassing moment.

It is not the first time that the interpreter suffers such situations, a few months ago, Jesy’s sister asked in her social networks to stop with the bad comments.

The situation that involved Jesy and her controversies ended up involving the singer’s family. The negative comments were so intense that her sister, Jade Nelson, took to her Instagram to ask them to stop stalking her.

All of this happened when the singer was accused of blackfishing on her first single “BOYZ” (a term used to describe those who try to pass themselves off as blacks or appropriate their culture). His collaborator Nicki Minaj came to Jesy’s defense, but the situation did not turn out well, especially after Leigh-Anne Pinnock, a former Little Mix colleague, got involved.

Within days of all this, Jesy’s sister made a request: “When bullies deliberately and bluntly set out to hurt someone, they never expect to be caught. So they try to get other people to do it for them. However, when exposed and the victim simply defends himself, the abuser quickly tries to turn the tables so that the victim takes the blame. That is what the aggressors do ”, he began.

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“They taught me never to be intimidated by bullying, but to stand up for myself when they have hurt me” he continued “My sister has been a victim of bullying throughout her career. The people who knew her best know how bullying affects her. They must also be aware of the potential impact of this new wave of bullying conflicts. Is that really what you want to do? Please all of you, the media and everyone, stop, because you know your heart, your authenticity, your total acceptance of a critical nature, I know you know it, “he added.

For her part, Jesy has not commented on the matter about her sister’s post.

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Jesy Nelson is verbally assaulted by a girl in a London restaurant