Meet the ex-boyfriends who were Sam Smith’s couple

Do you know who Sam Smith’s ex-boyfriends are? Here we tell you about all the boys who have been the singer’s partner.

In this list are the —now— ex-boyfriends who were a couple of Sam Smith. If you thought that all his heartbreak songs artist no binary They were an invention, you are wrong. To the UK singer their heart has been broken more than once and here we tell you who are the men who gave him the material to write many of his songs.

Jonathan Zeizel

The New York dancer and model, Jonathan Zeizel, was Sam Smith’s partner in 2015. They went public with their relationship through Instagram. The two met for the first time during the recording of the music video “Like I Can” and, unfortunately, so just two months later that they made their romance known, Sam Smith confirmed – during a concert in Toronto – that they had finished. Neither Sam nor Jonathan elaborated on what happened and we never found out what went wrong between ellxs.

Jonathan Zeizel was Sam Smith’s partner. / Photo: J-14

Charlie King

Little time after Sam Smith announced that she was done with Jonathan, She began dating singer and activist Charlie King. It was in March 2015 when they began to see them juntxs. Sam never confirmed the relationship, but a few months later, Charlie said they had dated for 6 months and were no longer a couple.

Charlie King is another of Sam Smith’s ex-boyfriends. / Photo: Daily Mirror

Jay Camilleri

In March 2016, the British model and actor, Jay Camilleri, confirmed during an interview with The Mirror who was dating sam smith. In addition, she mentioned that she would help him start an NGO to help men with eating disorders. We never managed to see them together and after Jay’s statements, the subject stopped talking. Sam never confirmed or denied the relationship.

Despite Jay Camilleri confirming that he was a couple with Sam Smith, we never saw them juntxs. / Foto: Heat

Brandon Flynn

Justin Foley de 13 Reasons Why too ‘date‘ crabs. Brandon Flynn and Sam Smith were dating in 2017. Both Sam and Brandon talked openly about their relationship and seriously saw each other. in love. What’s more, during an appearance in The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sam said it was “off the market”. They were together around 9 months, but suddenly ambxs they unfollowed themselves on social networks and deleted their photos juntxs. A few months after breakup, Sam spoke for the first time about his breakup and assured that everything had been “on good terms”.

Brandon Flynn is Sam Smith’s best known ex-boyfriend. / Photo: Elle

François Rocci is the most recent partner – now ex – of Sam Smith

In August 2020, some paparazzi they caught Sam Smith with his new beau, François Rocci. We were very excited to learn that Sam had a new boyfriend. But a couple of months later, during an interview with host Andy Cohen – in which he said that they expelled him from a app call—, Smith confirmed that he was let go. With this, we could say that Sam Smith has some kind of curse that makes – some of – their relationships last no more than two months. What a shame, because seriously they looked very lindx together.

François Rocci was also Sam Smith’s partner. / Photo: People

François Rocci and Sam Smith were captured together in August 2020. / Photo: The Sun

In addition to all those mentioned in this post, Sam Smith has also made up some romances. For example, in 2016 rumors arose that he was dating the diver Tom Daley, but later they clarified that it was not true.

Through their songs, Sam Smith He has not only healed his heart, but ours as well. The breakups They will always be difficult, but if we are sure of one thing, it is that Sam’s failed romances have become the fuel for his artistic career.

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Meet the ex-boyfriends who were Sam Smith’s couple