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Since Miley Cyrus said goodbye to Hannah Montana has become one of the most influential artists of all time. His demands, the freedom with which he manages his life and his performances on stage have made him one of the strongest references in recent generations. Every step she takes becomes news and her millions of followers are always waiting for all the news from the artist.

Songs like ‘Malibu’, ‘Wreacking Ball’ or ‘We Can’t Stop’ have led him to be a true star and on his Instagram account he already has more than 156 million followers who are watching all his publications. In her social networks, the artist shares many moments of her professional life and from time to time she gives an occasional brushstroke on her most intimate and personal side.

Miley Cyrus said goodbye to the year with a special on NBC

On December 31, NBC organized a New Year’s Eve party in style. Pete Davidson hosted a Miley Cyrus musical special to welcome the long-awaited 2022, despite the circumstances that have surrounded these parties. When the artist was performing ‘Party in the USA’ something happened to her that she did not count on and she had to go through a hurry that she far exceeded.

It is not the first time that an artist has an unforeseen event on stage. Falls, trips, carelessness and health problems have been the protagonists of a lot of singers like Juan Gabriel, Beyoncé or even Karol G in recent times that suffered a brutal fall down the stairs.

miley cyrus topless2

Miley wore a tight silver top with suspenders. In the middle of the performance, the artist realized that it had come unstuck and soon grasped it with her free hand, in the other he carried the microphone. Miley continued singing as if nothing had happened, the years of experience helped her to face the situation without any problem. At a certain point, the singer decided to drop the top and cover her chest with her arm.

Miley came back on stage with a red jacket on

When the singer left the stage to put an end to the problem she had had, she appeared shortly after wearing a spectacular red jacket with nothing underneath. The artist continued the show without letting it ruin the most special night of the year. During the concert, Miley had a lot of artist friends who wanted to tuck her in at that beautiful moment.

The images are going around the world and different users of social networks are praising the singer’s professional at all times. It is clear that Miley is valid for a broken and for a ripped and that she knows how to weather any unexpected situation that she has to live.

miley cyrus topless4

Finally, we recommend that you follow Miley Cyrus on her Instagram account (@mileycyrus), where he publishes videos of his performances, like this one from the night of the “accident”:

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Miley Cyrus’s carelessness live: The top of the wardrobe was left out! – CABROWORLD