Natalia Tellez, Mon Laferte or Kylie Jenner. Who is the most chic pregnant woman?

The maternity and the taste for fashion are not fought, and these personalities know it better than anyone, because throughout their pregnancies they have captivated with different looks that prove, once again, that the style it is something they carry in their blood.

In Ultima we show you 3 of the best outfits of Natalia Téllez, Mon Laferte Y Kylie Jenner, who dispute the title of “the coolest pregnant “.

Natalia Tellez

Since before his pregnancy, Natalia Tellez She was already considered a fashion icon thanks to her particular style that harmoniously combined with her personality. Thus, the driver’s clothing consisted mostly of dresses, jumpsuits and skirts, all of them with colorful prints, flowers or distinctive patterns.

During the expectation of her first baby, nothing has changed and Natalia has continued to experiment with his image, creating looks that bring out their most creative side.

One of the outfits that has collected the most likes on his Instagram profile, where he shares every moment of this wait, is where he appears posing in the company of his labrador who, apparently, also enjoys being photographed.

In the image, the striking fluorescent colors of the floral print that make up the garment stand out. Tellez, a black dress with studded details and ruffles throughout.

To be comfortable, the actress opted for a pair of low platform old skool black vans, ideal for not getting tired during walks in the company of her best friend who, like her, does not neglect his image and wore a red bandana.

In the part of makeup and hairstyle, Natalia Tellez She let her auburn hair down, fringed in front, showing the light layers of mascara she used.

Photo: @natalia_tellez

Kylie Jenner

Needless to say Kylie Jenner is a influence in every sense of the word. The socialite, model and businesswoman has been characterized by her extravagant style, making whatever she wears a trend. Just as she did during her first pregnancy, when she was expecting Stormi, Jenner She stole all the spotlights with the sophisticated outfits that were adapted to look stunning, making it clear that she would be a very layered mom. fashion.

The announcement that the minor of the dynasty Jenner Kardashian would be a mother again paralyzed the internet and the world of entertainment, and since then, the eyes of the whole world have settled on Kylie, who since the New Year posted an image in which she proudly showed her baby bump, has continued to share moments of her wait.

In her most recent Instagram post, she can be seen at Kylie Jenner using a look comfortable that, although it settled for basic garments, bring the touch of Jenner totally impregnated.

This outfit consists of a pair of boyfriend jeans, whose main characteristic is that, despite being made of denim, they have an irregular cut in their silhouette to give freedom of movement. Kylie She paired these pants with a white linen shirt, which she tied in a knot in the front, adding a “relaxed” feel to the outfit.

Finally, contrary to what Kylie Jenner Usually, the makeup and hairstyle were more discreet, and consisted only of her hair combed naturally, contrasting with the nude tone of her eyes and finely outlined face.

Photo: @kyliejenner

My Laferte

The music of My Laferte It is not the only distinctive of the Chilean, her style has also attracted the attention of her fans who have witnessed the transformation and growth that the interpreter has undergone throughout her career.

The news of his first pregnancy caused dozens of colleagues, followers and friends to wish him the best of luck at this stage. During the wait, Mon has taken every opportunity to proudly display her belly, showing off her enthusiasm at the events and awards she attends, with daring and extravagant looks made specifically for this process.

True to its essence, which combines various aspects of its character, My Laferte is one of the pregnant most chic of the moment. It was in one of her last presentations of the year where she showed it, by wearing a flowing red dress with voluminous sleeves and a loose cut, ideal for the singer to be comfortable while performing part of her hits.

For the hairstyle, Mon She wore her dark hair, combed in low waves, tied in a half-ponytail. In makeup, she did not forget her already representative cat eye, this time in a more discreet version, as well as a pair of drop-shaped earrings, ending the year with applause not only for her masterful presentations, but also for her great style.

Image: @monlaferte

In this duel of styles There is no absolute winner, since each one knew how to take advantage of their wardrobe and merge it with this stage that, as they have shown, is full of affection and emotion. In addition to that, their outfits show that there is no reason to forget about glamor during the pregnancy, and that it is always possible to find the favorite garments to create the looks ideal for every occasion.

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Natalia Tellez, Mon Laferte or Kylie Jenner. Who is the most chic pregnant woman?