Ryan Reynolds denounces sexism in Hollywood for discrimination against his wife

The couple formed by actors Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively is one of the most established in the world of cinema. They met in 2011 while filming Green LanternThey were married a year later and are the parents of three girls. A decade-long relationship in which the couple has been characterized by adorable complicity and a sense of humor, which they show off whenever they have the opportunity, especially through social networks.

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Each has their own projects, and despite the fact that both seem focused on their acting work, few know that both also carry out work as producers and even as screenwriters. This was revealed by Ryan Reynolds himself in an interview with SiriusXM, an entertainment platform with interviews, music and debates on topics of all kinds. During the talk, the actor was asked to tell some unexpected detail for his followers about his relationship with his wife. Thus, the actor revealed that he was the author of many of the dialogues in his films, and that Blake used to join with ideas and even entire parts of the script written by her, but his work was never recognized, attributing it to Ryan instead.


Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively at the premiere of “Free Guy” in New York on August 3.

Jamie McCarthy / AFP

The actor became serious when giving his answer, giving as an example the work of Blake in Deadpool 2 (2018) and extolling the role of his wife as a screenwriter.

“It helped me a lot in Deadpool and in the rest of my films that have been a great success, “he insisted,” He has always put a lot of bricks in that wall. Has a lot of talent. There are standout scripts I’ve done that were really Blake’s; He’d come in, grab me on the keyboard and say, ‘And this?’ and I’d say, ‘It’s great.’


Ryan Reynolds at the presentation of Deadpool 2 in Madrid


The actor, in addition, is clear why Blake was never included as a screenwriter in the credits of many of his films, and denounced the discrimination she suffered for being a woman.

“Maybe it’s because there is an intrinsic sexism in the industry,” he said, “I’ve said it many times: ‘She wrote this, Blake wrote it, not me. It was her. ‘ And they, later, repeat the story like: ‘I wrote it.’

The actor himself recently confessed in an interview that Blake would also be responsible for many of the details of Free Guy (2021) his recently released film, with dialogues written by her and even very wise decisions regarding the wardrobe that the Canadian wore in the film.


Ryan Reynolds is the protagonist of ‘Free Guy’

Third parties

Reynolds is currently working on Deadpool 3, third installment of the successful saga that has now become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at Disney; so we will have to wait to see if, finally, Blake Lively is included in the credits recognizing his work as a screenwriter.

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Ryan Reynolds denounces sexism in Hollywood for discrimination against his wife