The Intrahistory of Anthony Hopkins’ Missing Oscar: A “Calculated Risk” and a Ban

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Become the least seen gala in the history of the Oscars, the 93rd edition has been one of the flattest and least engaging ceremonies in recent years. There were also some debatable decisions, such as the change in the order of the awards, leaving the best actor award as the last accolade. A modification that became an anticlimactic outcome, since the winner, Anthony Hopkins, He did not attend the gala or give any kind of gratitude, which caused the closing of the night to be completely abrupt.

The truth is that the absence of Hopkins, winner for his applauded performance in ‘El padre’, is due to a reason. According to New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan, the actor offered organizers the chance to accept the statuette and give a speech only via Zoom.

However, due to the prohibition of any virtual application and the face-to-face spirit of the gala in the face of the pandemic, awards could only be collected in person at Union Station in Los Angeles or, failing that, in one of the Subsidiaries enabled by the Academy around the world. Because of her age, her agent told People magazine that Hopkins, 83, he chose to stay at his residence in Wales and not go to London, Dublin or Paris, where he could have collected the award.

After having lived a year in quarantine and having already been vaccinated, he was finally able to return to Wales, something that, for his 83 years, is a great relief, especially in such a difficult year“His manager pointed out. If he had gone to one of the sub-offices, due to the time difference, he would have had to accept the award between four and five in the morning, something counterproductive for someone his age. On the other hand, the interpreter I did not count on winning the award since Chadwick Boseman It started as a great favorite.

Due to several controversies related to previous award ceremonies, the Oscar must be collected in person by the winner, only third parties are allowed to receive it in the event that the winner has passed away, as happened with Heath Ledger in 2009 with ‘The Dark Knight’, or as it would have happened with Chadwick Boseman if he had won.


And that’s where the theory comes in that the best actor award was left for last to become a tribute to Boseman. The pools gave him as a winner, although the producers did not take into account the possibility that the victory would go to another candidate, despite the fact that Hopkins took over the BAFTA and aimed to surprise.

It wasn’t just the final categories, the whole show was mixed“said Rob Mills, executive vice president of alternative and unscripted entertainment at The Walt Disney Television, in an interview with Variety, noting that the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay and for the best adapted script “they usually appear between the fifth and sixth acts” and what better direction “was also given very early” this year.

I think the point is that sometimes you watch the gala and feel like you’ve already seen it. With these changes, no one knew what was next, “he continues.” It was not designed to end with someone who was not present. It was a calculated risk, but I think it was worth it. “added.

“Everyone is talking about it. To make a parallel, no one wants the wrong envelope to happen, as it happened three years ago [refiriéndose al fiasco de los 89º Premios Oscar, cuando se dio por ganadora a la mejor película, de manera errónea, a ‘La La Land’ en lugar de ‘Moonlight’], but they all ended up talking about it“, he justified, highlighting that there have been people” who have liked and people who have not “these changes.

After the gala, Hopkins He did give a speech of thanks on social media upon learning that he had won the Oscar. The veteran actor, who has become the oldest performer to win the statuette, thanked the Academy and paid tribute to Boseman. “It was taken from us too soon”, he claimed.

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The Intrahistory of Anthony Hopkins’ Missing Oscar: A “Calculated Risk” and a Ban