Why is Ryan Reynolds taking a year off?

Like many mortals, the Canadian acting star Ryan Reynolds He lived the toughest months of the pandemic with anxiety and “channeled” his nervousness by giving himself completely to work, a decision that has now led him to take another in the opposite direction: to get away from the spotlight for a while.

“I tend to dedicate myself completely to work. And that is not always healthy, “explains the actor about the premiere of his third film of the year, Red Notice, which can be seen in Netflix since this month and that it is in the first ten positions of the most viewed titles in Colombia.

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The actor, who has starred in six feature films in the last three years, has felt the need to be bored, at least once in his life.

“There is something in our culture of hyperproductivity that is broken,” says Reynolds. “Having to work more than the rest, produce more, with more discipline and more and more and more … That can be beneficial sometimes, but one has to stop, we were not born to work and die ”.

A month ago, the actor stunned his followers when he said he would take a “sabbatical” at the height of his career.

“Perfect time to take a break from making movies,” he announced in an Instagram post announcing the end of filming for Spirited, a Christmas musical that has reunited him with Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer.

Before that shoot, Reynolds finished The Adam Project, which Netflix will premiere in early 2022; Red Notice (Red Alert), which arrives on the same platform this Friday; Free Guy, one of last summer’s comedies, and Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, in which he shared the screen with Salma Hayek.

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Work more than the rest, produce more, with more discipline (…). That can be beneficial at times, but one has to stop, we were not born to work and die.

“Now, I just want to spend at least 11 months exclusively with my family,” justified Reynolds, who is the father of three daughters along with the actress. Blake Lively.

That absence of the cameras could also translate into a phase of disconnection from social networks, where Reynolds amasses almost 40 million followers in Instagram and another 18 million on Twitter.

“Social networks are not true, I find them useful for work, but I do not intend to use them in any other way,” justified the actor and businessman. And although he insisted that he has realized that he spends his life “entertaining himself to death”, Reynolds will still have to manage his gin brand, Aviation Gin, and the shares he owns in a British football team, an American telemarketer and a production company.

The weight that the protagonist of Deadpool has acquired in Hollywood led to Netflix trusting him to star in its most expensive movie to date.

Reynolds heads the cast of Red Notice, an action film that boasts a bill of 160 million dollars and that has reunited the actor with Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot, whom he had known for more than ten years.

“We have been in contact all this time. Everything you see on the screen reflects how we are with each other, “he said.

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In Red Notice, Johnson of life a John Hartley, an IBF agent who receives a red alert for which he must hunt down two art thieves: Nolan Booth (Reynolds) and The Bishop (Gadot).

When the FBI agent is about to prevent a robbery, the authorities mistake him for yet another robber and imprison him in Russia, from where he can only escape with the help of the character played by Reynolds.

On his to-do list is promoting two more premieres before he can hang up the phone on calls from Hollywood, Although his followers do not forget that he promised a third installment of his most beloved character, the irreverent Deadpool, whose future has been in the air since Disney, owner of Marvel, bought the Fox studios.

The actor does not deny that he is already preparing the sequel, but hints that he cannot talk about it. “Now I have to reach a state of boredom, because that is how inspiration comes,” he explained.


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Why is Ryan Reynolds taking a year off?