Alexa told a 10-year-old girl to insert coins into a wall socket

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You may want disconnect tu Amazon Alexa speaker before it has a dangerous influence on tyour children.

Digital assistants are supposed to provide helpful answers and suggestions, but when a 10-year-old girl asked the speaker for a challenge, Alexa gave him a potentially lethal response.

Instead of suggesting a light-hearted game or a physical activity, Alexa told the girl to play with a wall socket, according described her mother, Kristin Livdahl, in a Twitter thread.

“The challenge is simple,” said Alexa. “Plug in a phone charger halfway into an outlet wall current, then tap with a penny exposed pins ”.

These instructions could have caused serious harm if the 10-year-old had not known the danger. or if their parents weren’t present. That’s because (like maybe you will learn when you were child), inserting metals that are good conductors into an outlet can cause electric shock or start fires.
Amazon responded to the tweet of Luvdahl a day later and asked him to contact them directly to investigate what happened. The giant fixed the problem and told Indy100:
“Customer trust is at the core of everything we do and Alexa is designed to provide accurate, relevant and useful information to customers,” said an Amazon spokesperson. “As soon as we became aware of this bug, we took quick action to fix it.”Amazon didn’t specify why its digital assistant provided a girl with life-threatening instructions, but it’s important to know that Alexa doesn’t get answers out of nowhere. The wizard is as smart as the internet, and this time, his response was taken from a post on describing a challenge that circulated on social media about a year ago.The call “Outlet Challenge”Challenges easily influenced teens to insert a coin into an outlet. As is often the case with these stupid challenges from Internet, some people followed the dangerous instructions. There came a point where the Massachusetts police issued a warning after two teenagers, facing arson charges, burned out the plugs from his high school.

Some people may wonder why someone would have Alexa products in the first place given their history of invading your Privacy. Livdahl says she received an Echo as a gift and asked the device for a suggestion after temperatures dropped too much to continue doing physical challenges from a physical education teacher on YouTube.Following the advice of a friendly Twitter user, Livdahl says she will enable kid-friendly mode on her Echo to have more control over the assistant..It is concerning that something so dangerous could come out of the mouth of a product launched by one of the largest technology companies in the world. Clearly, Amazon’s algorithms are not doing a good job of examining the information they get from online sources. And that’s not the case for other personal assistants.When I asked the Google Assistant for a challenge, it came up with fun brain exercises that appear to be personalized responses rather than something pulled from a random website. These are some of the challenges for Google.
“You have found an entry magic movie which allows you to become a character in any movie, but it is an entry outward. Choose your movie and character“.“Your superpower is not Enough to join any superhero squad, but you still love it. Describe your power and invent a story in which I save the day “.“You can create a new national holiday! On what date does it fall, what is its name and what does it celebrate? “And the concerns of Privacy they weren’t enough to persuade you that you do not use Amazon’s voice assistant, perhaps its ability to spread harmful, even deadly information, disconnect Alexa.

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Alexa told a 10-year-old girl to insert coins into a wall socket