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Traditions live on until they no longer serve a purpose. That is why there will be a review of the year again in 2021. Because looking at and reflecting on what has been has a somehow wholesome aspect for me every time. Take a deep breath, look back, nod and then move on. As always, I am happy when you come with me.

Our trips in 2021

In fact, as a family, we have headed for more destinations than in some pre-Corona years. I owe this to two central projects: our Baltic Sea travel guide and #cities4family.

Up and down the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

In 2017 the family travel guide was published, which I wrote together with Stefanie Holtkamp: Baltic coast of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania with children: 55 hiking and discovery tours between Wismar, Rügen and Usedom. * Countless little things have changed in our detailed tour descriptions since then. It’s time for a new edition. In return, Stefanie will relieve me of this task in distant Ireland, so I have taken on the follow-up research on all 55 hiking and discovery tours in MV. So we did a lot, a lot of hiking on the Baltic coast this year.

baltic sea lockdown rerik hiking with toddler

Although our tours are designed for families with children and are usually well under ten kilometers, we walked almost one hundred kilometers during our research week over Easter. (Franka, of course, not quite – but she was always a good part of the walk too.)

This has only had a very limited impact on the blog. I have already published a lot about my Baltic Sea home area around Bad Doberan. This year there was a contribution about the magnificent Marlow bird park near Ribnitz-Damgarten. And my “hiking fairy tale” about the Klützer Winkel made it into the blog: The hiking fairy tale of the Lenorenwald. I also wrote about our experiences during the Easter holidays on a meta level: Baltic Sea holidays in lockdown.

lockdown baltic sea beach graal müritz

Just me and nobody else far and wide: the beach in Graal-Müritz.

I have a really nice blog series about the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst did:

fischland-darss-zingst lighthouse with toddler

Fischland-Darß-Zingst is one of my favorite regions on the German Baltic coast.

We have ten days open in summer Usedom spent. We were completely up for the autumn break Rügen On the way. Who only reads the blog and not us Instagram follows, didn’t notice anything. The second major project was too present:


My cooperation with about cities dominated blogging throughout the second half of the year. I don’t need to say many words about it. 18 short trips to cities in Lower Saxony (and Bremerhaven) we did. I also wrote about each of them here in the blog. In some cities the program was so extensive that I even wrote a second article. (So ​​far, those about our canoe tour on the Ems in Lingen, the phaeno in Wolfsburg and the Sababurg zoo near Hann. Münden have been published.) This article provides an overview of all city trips, including links: #cities4family – City trips with children in Lower Saxony.

stade old harbor family photo selfie

The 5 of us in Stade – for me one of the most beautiful cities that we got to know in 2021.

Blog promotions 2021

With the appropriate experience and a little creativity, as a travel blogger it is not absolutely necessary to travel. Of course you should know what you are writing about. In principle, however, it is not difficult for me to fill the blog even in times of pandemic. The number of readers has more or less reached the pre-Corona level again. (I can’t really say that. My statistics on Google Analytics show me a little less. But this is mainly due to the fact that all those who only allow the essential ones in the mandatory cookie query are no longer counted The last time I looked at the percentage distribution, it was about a third of my readership that objected to the setting of the necessary cookies.)

Back to the topic: In 2021 I launched a few campaigns here on the blog that I had a lot of fun with.

Hiking in Schaumburg

Under the hashtag #Hiking inSchaumburg At the beginning of the year I added my collected expertise on the local hiking trails. What was supposed to be just a list of nice walks in the Schaumburg district and around, grew under my fingers into a seven-part series. In addition to the main item, there are now local offshoots for Bückeburg, Bad Eilsen, Obernkirchen, Rinteln, Stadthagen and Bad Nenndorf.

hiking in schaumburg with baby kraxe

I started my series at the beginning of the year. Actually, I would have to spruce up the series again and expand it further …


Roundups – i.e. joint efforts by various travel bloggers – were also booming in the second pandemic year with limited travel options. I also gained experience with this type of post last year (passively in many, many other blogs, but also actively as a host for the roundup “Green breaks directly on the Autobahn”).

In 2021 I initiated two large roundups.

The mega-contribution on the subject of moors went online in January: The most beautiful paths through the moors – 19 tips for all of Germany. Coordinating that and getting it under one roof was a tough job, but I really enjoyed it.

hiking in the moor roundup moore in germany

That was really a nice action!

So in March I followed suit with the second round-up – also so that I could finally write about my beloved Scotland again: Castles in Scotland – these 17 travel bloggers recommend. Although the result is almost as extensive, the work here was a little easier. (This is mainly because seven of the 17 tips came from me.)

castles in scotland recommendations

Then the wanderlust grabs me again … Actually we wanted to finally go back to Scotland for the coming Easter holidays.

I have also contributed to various roundups in other blogs. Now, while browsing through my e-mails and looking for the links, I realize how awesome they really were – only in the first half of the year.

Blog parades

Roundups have overtaken the good old blog parade a bit. A short post is simply written together faster than a post in your own blog. I still like the format. Unfortunately there are hardly any left. (Spoiler: In 2022 I finally want to initiate one again myself.) After all, I took part in two this year.

Right at the beginning of the year I answered the call from Blown away: Wanderlust 2021: When the hope is based on corona-compliant city trips to Lower Saxony.

And I participated in the interdisciplinary “collection of articles” on the business blog start:talking: The old question: does blogging still have a future?

Are blogs still up to date? Blog parade

Central question that I will investigate in my article.

And something else …

We did a few nice things that I blogged about. So we are in April virtually to London traveled: Corona-compliant short trip with Blue Badge Guide Julia.

And here around the corner we have our very first Outdoor-Escape-Tour Completed: Escape room for outside – the “dragon test” in Bückeburg. We were also on Steinhuder Meer: Excursion destination moor in Mardorf and Winzlar.

I also made a few nice new discoveries: Escape books for adults aged 12 and over.

steinhuder sea dead moor educational trail wooden plank path

The detours usually lead over narrow wooden plank paths over several steps. It is not barrier-free, but it is wonderfully adventurous for children.

The top ten: most read blog posts

If we go by the pure number of clicks, the most successful posts here in my travel blog are, by the way, almost all of them old hams again. Do you want to know which are the most read texts on family4travel in 2021?

  1. Bad experience with AirBnB: This happens when you bypass the portal
  2. Shock moment: That’s why I don’t need to go to Serbia again
  3. Experience report: How safe is Romania as a holiday destination?
  4. Traveling heavily pregnant: experiences and tips from the 7th, 8th and 9th month
  5. Outing with baby: tips and experiences for the big city
  6. Short vacation in Germany: the 20 most beautiful city trips with children
  7. Beelitz Heilstätten: Lost Places even without a guided tour and treetop path
  8. Family vacation in Germany: Our concentrated tips
  9. Family vacation in Vogtland: 8 tips for great excursion destinations
  10. Green breaks on the motorway: 8 travel bloggers give tips [Roundup]
grüne Pausen an der autobahn beitragsbild

The latest article in my top ten is from 2020.

2022: future prospects

I recently commented in detail on the current situation for me as a blogger: What was, is and will be. There is little news on this front, by the way. I have a carrot in front of my nose. It smells very tasty. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to bite down until now. But I keep following her …

Thu or so it will be a little quieter here in the blog. But not yet. And maybe not at all. Let’s see. It is quite possible that I love blogging too much, even with a permanent part-time job, to be able to let several weeks go by without a new post. For now, I just enjoy running a hobby blog again that doesn’t care about numbers or cooperation requests.

thank you

Actually I wanted to start a thank you aria now. But it is so extensive that I am putting it off to the beginning of next year. So the annual review remains a rather sober cash drop this time.

So there is nothing left for me to do but wish you a happy New Year (I hope you had a Merry Christmas). Enjoy your time with your loved ones! Enjoy every single day!

We wish to give thanks to the writer of this write-up for this amazing content

Annual review: Our 2021 – family4travel