Other incidents in the Cup after Paris FC – OL, Batlles angry, a problematic start in Strasbourg

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Clermont: the Cup match was almost stopped definitively!

If the images of the incidents of Paris FC – OL in Charlety were in everyone’s mind, the match of the 32nd final of the Coupe de France between Costières Chemin-Bas d’Avignon (R2) in Clermont (0-4) almost did not not go to completion. Indeed, between lasers pointed at the players, throwing objects, smoke, firecracker and intrusion of a spectator on the ground, the referee of the match had decided to stop the game for seven minutes in the 77th minute. Seven minutes enough for the spirits to calm down and the match to go to an end. “I would have been disappointed for the opposing team. They had a remarkable run and it would have been a shame if the match didn’t go to an end. Fortunately, it was not too far, “breathed Pascal Gastien, the Clermont coach, in remarks reported by L’Equipe.

AS Monaco, OGC Nice, Stade Brestois: goals that play big

If uncertainty still hangs over the presence of Steve Mandanda in OM’s goals against Cannet-Rocheville this Sunday, it is clear that several substitute goalkeepers will play big in the matches of the day. In Monaco, Radoslaw Majecki will be aligned on the Red Star lawn, he who does not hide his desire to show himself: “I am not happy with my situation. I’ve been on the bench for a year and a half. I’m sure I’ll be number one next season. If it’s not here, it will be somewhere else. I asked to leave but the management told me that it was not possible ”, explained the Polish international, eager to play to preserve his place in the selection of Poland for the World Cup.

In Nice, during the trip to Cholet, it will be the first of his compatriot on loan from PSG Marcin Bulka. A player on whom Michel Denisot, who had him in Châteauroux, believes a lot as he made it known to Nice-Matin: “He’s a real leader, a defense boss. He is called to have a great career. A number one position should come to him quickly ”.

Finally, on the Brittany side, Gautier Larsonneur will once again have an opportunity to distinguish himself during Dinan-Léhon – Stade Brestois. Overtaken by Marco Bizot in the hierarchy and unable to find a new base last summer, the Armorican goalkeeper is playing big. In Le Télégramme, Steeve Elana, who experienced such a situation at SB29, advises Larsonneur: “He is supposed to detach himself from what you or the public may think and if he doesn’t, it can be devastating”. Cases to be followed with attention.

ESTAC: Batlles prepares a sweep after Nancy

Eliminated by the last Ligue 2 Nancy, at home and in a match that ended 11 against 8 on penalties (1-1, 2-4), ESTAC sank into ridicule yesterday. “Ridiculous” is the title of the Eastern Eclair paper where the words of Laurent Batlles at a press conference sound like a warning for some players (Palmer-Brown, Koné): “I have choices to do, things to say, I am going to take a stand (…) I have seen certain things. We will try to move forward with the players who want to move forward (…) Some players claim to play more, which is normal. I know it’s difficult to play a game when you have had very little playing time, but they have to be able to do more ”.

RC Strasbourg: Stéphan is preparing for a hard blow

If Habib Diallo has finally launched his racing career after a year of adaptation to his arrival from Metz, the Senegalese striker will leave for CAN. “There is necessarily confidence when you’re halfway through the season with 9 goals scored, it’s as much as last season for him. Unfortunately we will lose him throughout the month of January with his departure for the African Cup of Nations, ”cowardly annoyed Julien Stéphan.

Reims: Tacalfred delivers his favorites before the derby

Now defender of the Saint-Anne amateur club which will challenge the Stade de Reims this Sunday in Delaune, Mickaël Tacalfred gave his opinion on his heart club in the Union. The opportunity to give his favorites: “I love the Faes – Abdelhamid hinge, I also like little Kebbal and also Ekitike, well on his way to a successful career,” said the former captain.

December 19 Melting clubs

If “Goal! Football Club ”deals first of all with the news of certain elite teams, we have decided to give you a summary of what happened today in the other part – less media – of the League 1. A special Cup Day episode.

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Other incidents in the Cup after Paris FC – OL, Batlles angry, a problematic start in Strasbourg