Rio, the older brother, came back and offered “Francisco” planes and a ticket to the government

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The older brother who disappeared in combat at Christmas dinner (Rui Rio) returned as if he had never left and left the best gift for last for his younger brother (Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos): “If you don’t want to vote for me, you can vote for CDS“. The last sentence of the debate for the legislative elections between the PSD and CDS leaders, on TVI, sums up well the friendly and cooperative stance of Rui Rio, who says that “the first party you will talk to” if you don’t have a majority is with the CDS . And he even offered him a few more planes as a post-Christmas gift: the PSD leader said for first time emphatically that, like the centrists, agrees with the privatization of TAP.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos, still tried, like an irreverent younger brother, to provoke his older brother, but without success. He accused Rui Rio of making “arrangements with the PS”, saying that the vote that is guaranteed not to end up in the hands of the PS is for the CDS. In the style of Paulo Rangel in the direct, he said that only the CDS can guarantee that “the PSD does not go down bad paths and its votes do not go to the Antonio Costa’s pocket“. But not even that broke Rio, who confirmed that it is true, that he is available to make a PS government viable: “those who lose must be available to build the governance“.

Rio would disagree, however, on the issue of the useful vote — to which he successively appealed — pulling the gallons of older brother to say that he is the one who swims in the adult pool: “Anyone who doesn’t want António Costa in the Government, has to vote for PSD“. And if Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos wanted to emphasize that he was the right-wing guarantor, Rio disarmed him at the beginning of the debate by making this difference himself: “It is not a debate between two right-wing parties. It’s between a right-wing party and a center party. I think that Francisco agrees with this“. And agreed.

Even when the debate about the Christmas dinner arrived, in which Francisco dos Santos, Rui Rio responded with fair play and sympathy: “I thought it was funny, it’s well done“. The communication agency that made the video also works, by the way, with several PSD candidates, including the 2022 legislative ones. And if the PSD president had been cautious about privatization short TAP in the debate aligned itself with the CDS, which wants to privatize TAP, and recalled when both parties did so in 2015.


“TAP is a disgrace”, he began by saying. Asked if it is to be privatized, it is clear: “Yes, yes. Do you think TAP stays in this state destroying public finances? And he added: “In the Government PSD and CDS privatized and well. Costa reversed badly (…) TAP will take another 3 billion euros, gives 300 euros to each Portuguese.”

Nothing irritated Rio, who ate with great fraternity. even in euthanasia (Rio is in favor, the PSD bench mostly against), the PSD leader agreed with Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos. Despite the two parties being “against euthanasia”, Rio recorded a “gigantic difference between PSD and CDS”, which after all is not that big. While “CDS imposes freedom to vote”, Rio recalled, the PSD gives freedom to vote. The freedom to vote is to such an extent that I, who am the leader, vote against the majority.”

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos tried to irritate Rio: “Whoever is from the center is everything and its opposite”; “I wanted to be closer to António Costa than to Sá Carneiro”; “They had agreements with the PS in the CCDRs”. Rui Rio, always in the posture of an older and more patient brother, just smiled, with some paternalism in the mix. The PSD leader showed in the debate that he is willing to take his younger brother to the adult pool, but for that he has to grow (in votes).

Rui Rio – If they want the prime minister not to be from the PS, they only have one – it’s not that I’m better than the others, but I represent the party that can do it.

Francisco Rodrigues dos Santos – The CDS will not expire on January 30th. He will certainly be here with an objective: to defeat António Costa and the extreme left, to find an alternative solution but also to guarantee that a vote in the CDS will be the only possible option for us to have a right-wing government in Portugal, which Dr Rui Rio failed to secure in this debate.

Rui Rio – And if you don’t want to vote for the PSD, you can vote for the CDS, I advise that (laughs).

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Rio, the older brother, came back and offered “Francisco” planes and a ticket to the government