The confidences of the mother of Kylian Mbappé on her son, the “little mytho” who became “Mozart of football”

LE SCAN SPORT – In Paris Match, the mother of the Parisian striker tells a few slices of the life of the Parisian striker’s childhood and his way of managing today the fame and the constraints that result from it.

A protective mother, Fayza Lamari is also very involved in her son’s life as a professional footballer, whom she supports in most of his career choices. A role of adviser that the mom left out in Paris Match to reveal a lesser-known facet of the Paris SG striker and the France team: his childhood. With tenderness and admiration for her offspring, Fayza Lamari looks back in particular on the young years of a toddler whom she did not think was promised to such a destiny, to the point of even calling him “petit mytho“When the aspiring footballer claimed he would become a”Mozart of football».

He never slept, spoke like a mill, was bored with those of his age

Fayza Mbappé

The mother describes her Kylian as “an endearing but wearing child“, Not holding in place:”He never slept, spoke like a mill, was bored with those of his age. In the field and in life. Every day, he got up at 6 a.m. sharp and didn’t stop moving until he fell asleep at 7:30 p.m. Impossible to contain his energy in an F3; with him, we were doomed to the opening of parks and zoos.»

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Fan of Père Castor, Kirikou and … of Charles Aznavour

Fan of the DVD you Father Beaver and of Kirikou but also able to sing relentlessly all the titles of an album of … Charles Aznavour, Kylian Mbappé was also a turbulent child on the benches of the school reveals the mother. “No one had seen that in fact he was precocious. Kylian was not arrogant, he was insolent. When you were little, you couldn’t make him do anything he didn’t decide», She adds, amazed when her toddler, then in 6e , let him know that he wanted to quit school to devote himself to football. “His father had to threaten him for him to go to the baccalaureate. Lots of kids would have cracked, he clung to his passion, sacrificing his childhood, his youth», She specifies.

An assiduous player of Monopoly, “stuck to his cell phone”

Become a huge star of the round ball, Kylian Mbappé is described today by his mother as “flour robotWho needs to recover. “We do not understand how difficult it is. Kylian is a Ferrari that keeps its feet on the ground all the time. When he stops, it is to recover: he sleeps so much that he is calledthe koalas “! ”She slips to the weekly, revealing the activities of her son off the field to disconnect a little from the ball. Monopoly player “who can play until 2 a.m.“, The striker is also a boy of his generation”taped to his cell phone” Who “love video games“And which has long been preserved from money matters:”At 17, when he turned pro, he was given only 200 euros of pocket money per month when his salary was 85,000. At Christmas, which we will spend as always with family, there will be plenty. salmon, foie gras; but Kylian, you can be sure he will only eat junk food. He does not have luxury tastes.»

A celebrity sometimes heavy to manage

Fayza Lamari finally discusses at length the star status of her son and the daily constraints that this implies. “If he finds it pleasant to return to Monaco, where he grew up, it is because it is one of the rare places where he can walk in the street without being assaulted. Everywhere else, it’s madness“, Insists the mother who admits that this pressure from the public was sometimes very heavy. “Not being able to go out like everyone else has weighed on him sometimes. During these existential crises, it happened to him to do it in secret, in disguise.“To escape this life where he is ceaselessly watched, the world champion has even gone so far as to give up company to his security agents to go for a tour of the ring road, incognito, in a red 207,”happy as a kid“, Insists his mother who also agrees to plan on the future of the striker of the Blues:”The day Kylian is no longer having fun, he will stop to become a trainer.»

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The confidences of the mother of Kylian Mbappé on her son, the “little mytho” who became “Mozart of football”