“To move forward in life” yes, but where to go?

« Life is like a bicycle, you have to move forward so as not to lose your balance ”(Albert Einstein)

This quote may sound like a praise for accelerated life, and yet it is simply praise for our greatness. In the very sense of our humanity: “to move forward”, “to grow” in what we are, and doing what inspires us. Being, over the years more and more ourselves, more connected to our heart more than to others, increase our capacity to love ourselves, to love others, and make this love grow… So simple and so difficult at the same time! Doing what inspires us, what makes us flourish, what we love the most, and realize how useful it is to others … We’re not all made to be Albert Einstein : the meaning of life for some of us is to take care of our children, for others it is to care for others, or to bring joy, beauty, etc. on our scale. And KIFFER.

There are as many beautiful things to bring to the world as there are human beings.

And each of these things has great value.

So I ask you the question: and you, what is the dress that suits you best? What do you naturally bring to others? What will make you proud / proud of the person you have become at 80? Looking back on your past life, what do you want to remember? What accomplishments will make you proud of what you have done in this life?

That might sound silly as a question! But if you sometimes wonder where you want to go, you have a much better chance of getting close to that place in a while. Moreover, the goal that we set is not an end in itself. This is not the place of our arrival, it is simply the management. No need to imagine changing everything, dropping everything. Finally, the direction we are heading may not be that far between who we are today (or what we do). This objective comes like a beacon in the night, it gives us a direction towards which to tend little by little, and organizes the actions to be implemented one after the other. And it’s each of those steps to be proud of.

Sometimes, we wonder how we could be less polluted by the hassles of everyday life, less let ourselves be affected by the judgment of others, less feel guilty, have more potato on a daily basis … The way to get there is quite clear, but it may seem to you today not very concrete: connect to our heart, to our intuition. Which does not mean: doing “good” things and not doing “bad” things, because nothing is 100% bad or 100% good, but it’s doing what seems right to us, and who drives us.

That’s why I created this ‘Cool Parents’ app for “selfishly” * “Move forward”, so as not to lose your balance, and enjoy life a little more every day.

* in fact, being comfortable in your skin and happy with what you are is not selfish, far from it. It is a gift as much for you as for others: your companion, your children, your friends, your colleagues …

The 2022 program awaits you (everyone picks the format (s) that suit them best)!

  • First, it is a moment just for you, to recharge your batteries, thanks to a series of videos where we all recognize each other, full of humor and joy, to come out with recharged energy batteries.
  • These are also person development livesl once a month which, by themselves, is enough to have a big breath of oxygen and energy for the month.
  • These are also “real” meetings for those who want to enjoy meeting each other.
  • Each month a live evening inspiring, rejuvenating, stunning! With the greatest authors of personal development and parenting.
  • And especially every month, they are coaching sessions, which will lead you to become even more aware of all your forces which are so natural to you, and of which you are not even aware.

This program is the opportunity to

  • gradually reduce your mental hubbub, your negative thoughts, your worries, your self-judgments, which pollute your mind and drain your energy;
  • to make love grow (even more) that you have for your child, your couple or your relatives, and be less annoyed by them;
  • See how much by being yourself and doing what makes you happy, you already bring to others and to the world;
  • exonerate, learn to love you and realize how much we are not responsible for everything;
  • organize your daily life, to free up time for you;
  • And finally feel less drunk by others by understanding the incomprehensible!

Every month, it’s light and it’s a real pleasure to afford these 20-30 minutes for yourself, to laugh, take a step back, discuss.

And each year, it is in the end of the giant steps that each Cool Parent takes in their daily life... and what a joy to see that the whole atmosphere of the house is changed.

So if you too want to experience this “transformation in a good mood”, don’t delay, join us for this year of madness! >> I’m not missing that! <<

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“To move forward in life” yes, but where to go?