With energy, things go much better!

No. As parents, we are not malicious, impatient by nature, annoyed on principle, grumbling out of habit. We just get “tired” sometimes. And very often with a little more energy things naturally get better!

Between us, if you ask yourself 30 seconds, there right away, to do your self-scan, what is your energy level? Ah! It is true that this question is not often asked. YET our energy is not our most precious resource? More precious than our “money” resource, and even more precious than our “time” resource? Because having time is good, but without energy, it’s a bit of a waste …

Imagine your life, if you gave more importance to increasing your energy level …

  • You would have the energy to react humorously to unpleasant remarks;
  • You would have the energy to start the project that is close to your heart, or to resume the hobby that you have put aside for a few years;
  • You would have the energy to go out with friends;
  • You would have the energy to console the cries, the tears, the “I don’t want” of your child;
  • Energy to be patient;
  • To laugh in the office, and not to feel upset by René’s awkward remark;
  • You would have the energy to roll out your to-do list without being subjected to it, and even to agree to do less!

Energy, it is our engine of life, the one that gives us want to get up in the morning, which pushes us to do what inspires us, which connects us to others.

Ask yourself this question: “What is my energy level right now?” “, It’s a bit like taking a look at our bank account to make sure we have resources, or looking at our watch to see if we have any time left … EXCEPT having an eye on our “energy barometer” allows us, not to be careful not to use this resource too much, but ON THE CONTRARY to take care to nourish it, to multiply it, to make it grow. Because unlike time, we have our hands on it to make it grow! (This will also allow us to better use our time, so in a way win time 😉)

How to measure our energy?

The indicators of a leaden energy are easy to notice: we moan, we criticize, we are annoyed or drunk by certain situations, certain people. We lack patience, we have trouble getting up, etc. And when you’re really broken: it’s depression or burnout.

So what’s the best way to get energy?

By eating healthy, of course. By doing sports too. While sleeping, of course. All of this will nourish our body energy. It will also be necessary (yes) nourish our psychic energy (=> and you will see, this is good news) because in the end, it is good she who makes the difference, and creates that momentum of life! Yes, if we take the example of depression (near zero level of energy), the main factor is often not a lack of sleep, healthy food, or sport… But a lack of energy psychic.

So here are two essential sources that allow us to recharge our psychic energy: “Gratitude”, and “Do what makes us feel better, that makes us vibrate, that we LOVE”. Is it a kiff? Yes. Is it simple? Not always.

Because you are going to tell me “I would like to do what gives me a boost, but in the life of a parent, there are still some constraints!” 😵 ”It’s true. In our life as a parent there are constraints, BUT, however, life should not be a constraint. If our day is made up of “I must”, “we must”, we usually end the day on the knees. Not because we have done “too many things”, but because we have done “too many binding things”! Because conversely, if our day is full of things that revitalize us (even a lot), we end the day full.

This is why it is precious to make sure that our day is also made up of things that rejuvenate us. So I ask you the second question as simple as it is useful:

And you, what are the things that revitalize you?

Have a drink with friends? A walk in nature? Read a book ? Listen to music ? Take a bath ? And it is not selfish to entrust our children (to the recreation center, to the spouse, to another parent) to be enjoyed: on the contrary, it is a gesture for others!

Because our energies communicate with each other, they are linked. Et when we are full of energy, good vibes, it’s all those around us who also benefit… and of course our children!

Finally, another thing that can give you energy is to be alongside people who give you energy, who give you good vibes, who reconnect you to the great person that you are, who give you a boost of confidence and envy.

So I ask this third question: And you, who are the people who revitalize you?

For this new year, I wish you to allow yourself all these moments of resources, to multiply them, and to share with those around you the beautiful energy that you release.

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With energy, things go much better!