10 trivia of ‘Whiplash’

You may like it more or less, but it is undeniable that, to date, Damien Chazelle has told what he wanted to tell on the big screen, without too many external influences and with a very own style. Specifically, we will focus on the film that, for him, started it all, and that meant that, overnight, he would become one of the best-known filmmakers: ‘Whiplash’.

Curiosities of ‘Whiplash’

1 From short to long

Getting funding for this film was not a bed of roses for Damien Chazelle. No one seemed to want to put the money in, so decided to make it short and take it to the 2013 Sundance Film Festival. There, he ended up winning the prize awarded by the jury to short films. Thanks to this, he ended up obtaining the necessary financing to turn his beloved project into a full-length film.

2 To the limit
To the limit

Damien Chazelle is undoubtedly a peculiar director, and he is always very clear about what he wants to get out of the performances of his actors. In this film, Miles Teller required a lot of effort, both physical and intellectual. In fact, in the drums rehearsal scenes, Chazelle never used to yell “cut”. The director let Teller keep playing until the end so that he would end up exhausted.

3 Express filming
Express filming

Recording films always takes time. You have to do it with care, repeat takes a thousand and one times and that everything is as the director wants. However, it is surprising how little time it took to shoot certain films. Although we couldn’t guess, it turns out that ‘Whiplash’ is one of them. And is that Damien Chazelle’s famed film was completed in just 19 days.

4 Go hard, JK
Go hard, JK

Everyone who has seen this film will surely remember the scene in which JK Simmons beats Miles Teller. This scene was repeated a few times, and in all of them Simmons only pretended to hit his co-star. But nevertheless, for the final take, both interpreters decided they wanted to put a little more truth to the matter, and it really hit him. Of course, that was the take that remained in the final cut.

5 Present on the soundtrack
Present on the soundtrack

Although a visual double was used, the truth is that whenever Miles Teller played the drums he was the one doing it himself, no need for doubles. However, he did it with prerecorded songs. Even so, the actor can be very proud of his performance as a drummer, since around 40% of the time in which Teller played was used in the soundtrack of the film.

6 Awards everywhere
Awards everywhere

Despite the fact that this film dazzled the critics, and triumphed in the awards galas, it cannot be denied that the real winner was JK Simmons. And it is that, The actor, for his famous role as Fletcher, ended up taking home a whopping 47 awards by her action. As for the film itself, it was one of the lowest grossing films to be nominated for the Oscars.

7 Bleeding for a paper
Bleeding for a paper

There is no doubt that good old Miles Teller put body and soul into his performance in this film. The actor, who had been playing drums since he was fifteen, he ended up with blisters on his hands after so many scenes in which he must have played drums with that aggressive style. In fact, his blood ended up permeating the drums and drumsticks after a few sessions.

8 Thorough preparation
Thorough preparation

Both lead actors had to update their music knowledge and practice hard to make this movie. JK Simmons had played the piano in the past, and went back to taking classes for this film. As for Miles Teller, even though we’ve already made it clear that he’s been playing drums since he was fifteen, did not hesitate to attend classes three times a week, four hours a day.

9 Little improvisation
Little improvisation

JK Simmons is a really veteran actor and as such he can afford a lot of licenses. However, for this film, he did not. We do not know if it was due to how strict Damien Chazelle is with his actors, but none of them improvised hardly in this play. In fact, Simmons himself has stated that the only impromptu phrase he ever got into the film was when he called out the Miles Teller character “snooty little prick”.

10 Preparing your friends
Preparing your friends

Playing a musical instrument does not take a day, and all the practice that can be done for such a role is welcome. It is because of that Nate Lang, who played Carl, didn’t hesitate to help Miles Teller and Austin Stowell with their roles.Well, it turns out that Lang is an expert drummer. Although Teller did have notions, Stowell had it more complicated, since he had no previous experience with drums, and he only had a month to prepare and learn three songs.


The film introduces us to Andrew: a young jazz drummer who only dreams of becoming one of the greatest in his profession. His life will be turned upside down when Terence Fletcher admits him to his band to continue forming it. What at first seems like great news, It will turn into a nightmare when you check the harsh methods that Fletcher employs at your job.

Despite the fact that it was a film with a very low budget, it was a bombshell in the most independent scene, later managing to walk through the most renowned award galas in the world. Damien Chazelle turned his obsessions as a drummer into a script supported by the vibrant performances of JK Simmons and Miles Teller.

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10 trivia of ‘Whiplash’