‘Gladiator 2’: Ridley Scott has finished writing the script

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    Gladiator It is one of those movies linked to popular culture. We have all, more than once, seen her and put ourselves in the shoes of the injustice suffered by the character of Máximo Décimo Meridio, we have hated the evil and cowardly Comfortable and we have enjoyed and regretted in equal parts with the bittersweet ending of the Ridley Scott tape.

    He won 5 Oscars out of 12 nominations, including the top Best Actor for Russell Crowe and Best Picture. But, beyond awards, there is no doubt that 20 years later his weight is still indisputable. Hence the question, Will there be a second part? In 2018, Ridley Scott and actress Connie Nielsen said yes, it was very likely, but since then they have both been involved in other projects.

    Now, at last, Ridley Scott has announced that he is ready to pick up the story again. Here is everything we know about Gladiator 2.


    ‘Gladiator 2’: Release Date

    Ridley Scott is 83 now, but like so many other movie veterans, he seems to want to push the retirement bells away by stringing together job after job. In the words of Connie Nielsen, the project is keeping an eye on him and his busy schedule.

    Scott recently premiered the series Raised by Wolves on Amazon Prime and is already in theaters, starring Adam Driver, The last duel, Based on the book by Eric Jager but with a screenplay by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. It will be released soon House of Gucci, also with Adam Driver and with Lady Gaga. And Scott, who never rests, is already preparing his next film, Kitbag, a film that considers addressing the life of Napoleon Bonaparte and where he returns to work with Joaquin Phoenix. Without a doubt, his most anticipated project in years.

    This is how he spoke of it to Collider Connie Nielsen, Queen of the Amazons from Wonder Woman who played Lucila in the original tape:

    I know it’s in the plan, so let’s see when Ridley can. I know he has to do one or two more movies, and then I think he’s in the plan after that, but I’m not really sure where the project is right now.

    It won’t be until after Kitbag get Scott fully to work with Gladiator 2. But we can rest assured, because as soon as he finishes with Napoleon, it will be the turn of the sequel. This same week he confirmed in Deadline who has already finished writing the script:

    Oh, it has been written. It has already been written. We have a good base, a good place and a logical one to go to. You can’t just make another ‘Gladiator’ type movie. You have to move on … there are enough components from the beginning to take the baton and continue.

    ‘Gladiator 2’: Plot and cast

    It’s been 20 years and more that will pass until the sequel arrives. However, and depending on the cast, there is an argument that is raised as the main one. Of course, a lot can change until production begins, but once the paranormal, ghostly, etc. return of Russell Crowe’s Maximum is ruled out, the project seems to point to another protagonist.

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    According Deadline, Gladiator 2 will follow the story of Lucius, the son of Lucila, the character of a Connie Nielsen who appears to be the original cast member most aware of the project. The boy is Commodus’ nephew and second to him in the line of succession to the throne and in the first installment he was played by Spencer Treat Clark. As can be seen in the film, this creates a deep hatred for the little boy, which he conceals with control towards him. Lucila and Lucio are the face of the court that continues to support Máximo and, although he was a child, it is clear that Lucio will not forget the presence and sacrifice of Décimo Meridio.

    Lucio and Lucila are part of the good ending of Gladiator, Máximo is reunited in death with his wife and son, but not before saving them both from the paranoia of Commodus in a kind of poetic solution to save the family that he could never save. Lucio and Lucila are the main mark of Máximo that remains against Comfortable so it makes all the sense in the world that they are the protagonists of the sequel.

    As we have said, the return of Connie Nielsen, who is now known for being the Queen of the Amazons in the movies of Wonder Woman Y The Justice League, it seems very likely. More doubts come with the role of Lucio, Spencer Treat Clark could reprise his childhood role or look for a more powerful name given the importance of the character.

    For his part, although his collaboration in Kitbag Evidence that Ridley Scott and Joaquin Phoenix continue to have a good relationship, nothing ensures that the Oscar-winning Joker will want to repeat his role in the sequel. What has made Joaquin Phoenix the best actor in Hollywood in the last decade has been his ambition and taste for choosing quality films and projects, beyond names and budgets. Yes Gladiator 2 He convinces him, there is nothing that makes us think that he is going to refuse. Now, if you don’t make sense of the story, it won’t be hard to say no. Without Joaquin Phoenix as Comfortable, yes, the sequel would lose much of its meaning.

    Less likely is the appearance of Russell Crowe as Maximum, either through flashbacks, dreams or any other tool. An elongated apparition, given his death, wouldn’t make much sense. For a little cameo fan service We’re sorry to say that Crowe would have to go on a heavy diet, and we don’t know if the sacrifice will be worth it. Of course, CGI can work wonders so at this point we can’t rule anything out.

    The sequel is produced by Paramount, probably in collaboration with ParaScott Free Productions, the filmmaker’s own company. The screenwriter of Top Gun: Maverick, Peter Craig will participate in a script that, however, we do not doubt that it will go through several hands and rewrites.

    ‘Gladiator 2’: Trailer and images

    Of course, there are no trailers and images of a project that would be about to start its pre-production and which still has at least a year left to start filming. However, when there are, you will find them here. Of course, as they repeat the scene of the hands caressing the wheat, we will recreate the meme of Pilar Rubio by filing a complaint.

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‘Gladiator 2’: Ridley Scott has finished writing the script