Rupert Grint May Not Be In Person At The ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion

The year began in the best possible way thanks to HBO Max, which broadcast on the 1st the ‘Harry Potter’ special reunion that we had waited for years. A reunion in which the protagonists of the saga —Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson y Ruper Grint— met with the rest of the cast to take stock of how the years have passed and what memories they keep of the eight films of the teenage wizard. Beyond the moments that they gave us, such as Watson’s declaration of love to Tom Felton and the anecdote that links Radcliffe with Helena Bonham Carter, the truth is that the occasional failure managed to go viral.

The most notorious mistake that the audience noticed was that in editing an image of a little Emma Roberts that was attributed to Watson was confused, as well as the labels of the names of the actors who played the Wesley twins that appeared changed. Confusions that could now remain mere anecdotes if we take into account that there are those who think that Grint himself he was not in person on the set. Hello? Hold on to your chair because network theorists have seen strange things and it is believed that the interpreter was included through special effects in the room where he chats with his peers. Something not unreasonable considering that the entire franchise had a sublime final montage.

Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe sharing a shot at the ‘Harry Potter’ reunion.


The unknowns that revolve around Ron

To begin with, when they began to talk about the ‘Harry Potter’ reunion, during the past month of December, Grint was in Toronto (Canada), where he was shooting a future series signed by Guillermo del Toro for Netflix. And there it is believed that he could have participated telematically in the reunion. The reason? In the credits of the HBO Max special an entire team appears that worked from Toronto, why? A mystery that is not understood since the actors were supposedly in London, United Kingdom. 5,700 kilometers separated two technical teams that are not understood as so distant.

harry potter reunion credits


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This could explain the fact that the only shot we see of the three of them shows them separately and sitting in an armchair, avoiding any kind of hug or closer contact, which would have made all the sense in the world if it had been so long since they looked. In fact, not having recorded the reunion of the trio – as was done with the actors of ‘Friends’ a few months ago – could have been due to this circumstance that the internet now theorizes. There was also no reunion of the entire cast in the same shot or set, since all the interventions were recorded separately. But this doesn’t explain the scene where Watson and Grint Hermione and Ron touch. Why happens. However, another mystery occurs in this section: the actress appears dressed in the same ‘look’ and the same nails throughout the special… except when she meets Grint, who appears with a gold enamel, instead of the black that it looks before.

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Will this meeting have been recorded separately and at another time? Too many unknowns that, unfortunately, we may never solve.

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Rupert Grint May Not Be In Person At The ‘Harry Potter’ Reunion