Star Wars: Was Mortis’s Father a Gray Jedi?

For years, fans from Star Wars They have toyed with the concept of the Gray Jedi. While the main Force users of the galaxy far, far away were solidly grouped into two distinct factions, the Sith who use the dark side of the Force (the archetype of baddies) and the Jedi who use the light (the incarnation of the good ones). But not everything is so black and white, and hence the idea of ​​a Gray Jedi, someone who operates outside of strict codes and rather seeks a balance between the two sides.

It has been theorized that many characters are Gray Jedi, from Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars : Episode I – The Phantom Menace to Bendu in Star Wars Rebels and even Ahsoka Tano, whose journey allowed her to explore the Force intensely, even absorbing the essence of the Daughter’s light side in Mortis. But there is a character from the arc of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Mortis who meets much of the definition of a Gray Jedi: The Father. But does he meet the requirements?

The Force itself is a mystical energy field created by the living beings of the galaxy of Star Wars and connecting them. It is older than the Jedi or the Sith and is an entity of its own, which has not really been commercialized by either side. For millennia, the Jedi harnessed their light side, harnessing the power of the Force for peace, justice, and harmony. The Sith, instead, used the dark side, gaining power and using anger and hatred to control the Force. But along with the general philosophies on light and dark, the Jedi and Sith orders also instituted strict rules that must be followed, from the Jedi forming no personal ties until the Sith always operated only in pairs, no more, no less.

Those restrictive guidelines not only limit Force users following either path, but also reduce the Force’s range as a whole. Those who were trained in the ways of the Force who took a broader view then either operated outside of the Jedi and Sith or adapted within the system, but still questioning and never fully confirming. The Nightsisters of Dathomir, for example, were neither Jedi nor Sith, but they were still powerful users of the Force. However, his use of the Force was darker than gray.

Within the Jedi Order, Qui-Gon was often portrayed as a wise and powerful Jedi Master and at the same time as a bit of a rebel and rule-breaker, having no patience with the Council’s rigidity. His apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi, even tells him in The Phantom Menace: “Master, you could already be sitting on the Council if you just followed the code.” But Qui-Gon followed the beliefs of the Living Force, delighting in the connection of all beings and going against the more Cosmic Force-focused views of the Order, following his own moral code and resisting the pull of the Order. Jedi premonitions and a Jedi-centric approach to reading prophecies. He really followed a more balanced path.

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Ahsoka Tano, who was Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice, also had her history in the gravest form of the Jedi. She, along with Obi-Wan and Anakin, encountered the ethereal Father, Daughter, and Son on Mortis. Throughout their interactions, the trio watched as the balances of power swung wildly between the personifications of light and dark, ending with Ahsoka absorbing the essence and energy of the Daughter, basically harboring a depth of the light side of the Force. inside. Later, she left the Jedi of her own accord, equally disheartened by their narrow limitations. As a trained user of the Force, she went on to adopt a more balanced and personal moral code.

Similarly, in Rebels, Bendu is not only shown as the most powerful Force user in the galaxy of Star Warsrather, it exists outside of the Jedi and Sith binary. Existing by choice outside of any organized society and beyond the recognition of the Jedi and the Sith, Bendu was a non-violent Force user who viewed both sides as inherently flawed. At the end of his arc, of course, Bendu proved to have immense power, being able to control the weather systems of an entire planet. Although he was not a trained Knight and therefore could not be a Gray Jedi, he embodied the balance between light and dark in his personal philosophy.

However, Mortis is a mystical realm that exists outside of traditional time, space, and reality. From it and within it, the Force flows freely, leading to speculation that it may be the source or conduit of all the Force in the galaxy. As part of the history of the Clone Wars In Mortis, not only did Ahsoka absorb the archetypal role of the Daughter, but Anakin was evaluated through a series of tests orchestrated by the Father to determine if he really was the Chosen One and next in line to maintain balance in the Force. . Anakin refused to take the physical place of the Father and to keep the Daughter and Son aligned and balanced, leading the Father to speculate that this would lead to the future ruin of the galaxy. Of course, Anakin ended up achieving balance in the Force, but in a twisted and horrible way, taking down the Jedi first and helping the Empire rise.

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The Father in Mortis was both the head of the mystical family and the archetypal physical embodiment of the balanced nature of the Force. While his Daughter represented the light side of the Force and his Son was the living embodiment of the dark side, he walked a middle way. As such, the Father not only accepted both sides of the Force, but understood the need for each of them to achieve a truly balanced and nuanced Force. Acceptance from all sides and appreciation for the symbiosis of light and dark was its entire arc and purpose.

But while the Father may embody the ideals of the Gray Jedi, as he represents a balance between light and dark, he exists outside of the Jedi Order itself. While any user of the Force can be classified as Jedi or Sith, there are Force-sentient beings that exist outside of those classifications, such as the aforementioned Bendu. Although the Father exhibits many of the characteristics of a Gray Jedi, he is still not technically a Jedi, but an external representation of true balance.

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Star Wars: Was Mortis’s Father a Gray Jedi?