Tokio Disney Resort will have a Toy Story Hotel in 2022, so it will be

Disney Resort Japan has news for all fans of Disney from one of his most iconic movie series, Toy Story, since soon you will be able to live the experience of staying in the Andy’s room while on vacation in the great city of Such, here we show you everything that is known so far.

Disney, in addition to being a film company that day by day focuses on offering much more realistic productions within the world of animation, it also continues to develop experiences for users where they can immerse themselves immersively in the world of several of their favorite films. .

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The Toy Story Hotel will be inaugurated in 2022, so it will be

In addition to offering the opportunity to enjoy amusement parks with games and spaces that make you feel in fantastic worlds, themed trips on its cruises around the world, it also has hotels set in its most famous characters.

Therefore, the news of his next hotel inspired by the films of Toy Story It is undoubtedly great news not only for the youngest members of the household, but also for the older ones who grew up enjoying the adventures of Woody, Buzz and company.

According to the latest information provided on the site of the Tokio Disney Resort, the Toy Story Hotel will be inaugurated on April 5, 2022 and on your site you can already enjoy a little of what this fantastic space will look like.

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The new hotel that promises an immersive experience will have 11 floors in which there will be nothing less than 595 rooms and some luxury suites for those guests looking for a luxurious experience while staying in the great metropolis of Tokyo.

Among the things you can enjoy when visiting the Toy Hotel Story is to admire a colorful lobby with a puzzle-inspired floor filled with toys that simulate a board game, as well as rooms inspired by Andy’s room from the first film in this film series.

Within this space, in addition to enjoying the usual facilities and services in Disney hotels, there will be a gift shop inspired by Pizza Planet and one dedicated to Buzz Lightyear. Likewise, it will have its own pet park where Slinky the spring dog from the movies will be the host.

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Tokio Disney Resort will have a Toy Story Hotel in 2022, so it will be