Voldemort killed Harry Potter’s parents for a surprisingly simple reason

The titular magician of the series Harry Potter became a renowned icon thanks to his characteristic lightning bolt scar, both within the Wizarding World and in pop culture. He earned that trademark scar the night he survived an assassination attempt by one of the most evil wizards to ever live. Harry not only survived, but temporarily put an end to Lord Voldemort’s reign of terror that very night. However, his parents, Lily and James Potter, died. But why exactly did Lord Voldemort target Harry and murder his parents? The answer is as simple as it is complicated: prophecy.

Voldemort’s Prophecy, Explained

Before Harry’s birth, Professor Dumbledore conducted an interview for a teaching position at Hogwarts in a room at Hog’s Head in Hogsmeade, the wizarding town near the school. He interviewed a woman named Sybill Trelawney for the position of a divination teacher. She was initially unimpressed by her apparent lack of talent, until something strange took hold of her and she had a true prophetic vision in which she revealed what would bring about the downfall of Lord Voldemort.

Dumbledore was not the only one who heard this prophecy, although he was the only one who heard it in its entirety. Before joining Dumbledore’s side, Severus Snape was a Death Eater in Voldemort’s inner circle. He heard part of the prophecy and shared what he heard with Voldemort. Voldemort interpreted that Harry would be destined to destroy him, so he set out to find and kill him while he was a baby and presumably not a threat.

There are some key elements of the prophecy to keep in mind. The first is that he mentions that Voldemort’s downfall will come at the hand of a person born in July, whose parents had challenged Voldemort three times; that he has a power that Voldemort cannot understand; that Voldemort will be the one who chooses his enemy, and that one of them will kill the other.

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Nothing in Trelawney’s prophecy refers specifically to the Potter family. Yes, James and Lily had challenged Voldemort three times and their son had been born in the summer, but they were not named in the prophecy. The prophecy could have referred to a different baby and a different family as a whole: the Longbottoms. Neville’s parents, Frank and Alice Longbottom, challenged Voldemort three times, and Neville was also born in July.

However, the tricky thing about prophecy is that it requires a certain level of self-fulfillment. Voldemort will mark the chosen one as his equal, which means that in order for the prophecy to come true, Voldemort will select his worst enemy. This is significant because it means that Harry is not chosen by fate but by Voldemort.

Voldemort chose Harry because he saw more of himself in Harry than in Neville. Voldemort despised his parents because his father was a Muggle and his mother was unusual and, in his eyes, pathetic. He concealed his half-blood status from his friends and followers, but saw that Harry’s mother was of Muggle origin – no better than a Muggle in his eyes – and he saw a vision of himself, a power of half-blood status with which to connected. This is why Voldemort chose Harry over Neville, because Voldemort believed that Harry would be his ultimate undoing. This directly led to the death of James and Lily, who got in their way to save Harry’s life.

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Voldemort killed Harry Potter’s parents for a surprisingly simple reason